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Police Disperse Crowd at DreamHack Hyderabad 2022 After Unruly Fans Flock the Event

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Meet and greet sessions at DreamHack Hyderabad led to countless fans showing up at the event.
S8UL had to cancel all streamer activities due to overcrowding and to prevent anyone from getting hurt.
Organizers should try to prevent overcrowding and fans should behave more responsibly in future events.

Police showed up to DreamHack Hyderabad 2022 following unruly behavior by various fans who showed up en masse to the event, including a few who tried to enter the event without tickets. The police were spotted clearing unruly crowds who were loitering outside the HITEX Exhibition Center, the venue of DreamHack Hyderabad 2022.

Police forced to intervene at DreamHack Hyderabad 2022

DreamHack made an eventful return to India after three years of absence. While the overall event was fairly successful and enjoyable for fans and attendees, the final day of the event proved to be a mixed bag of experiences for fans. 

The final day of the event that took place in Hyderabad, was initially scheduled to host meet-and-greet sessions with some of the biggest personalities and fans from the gaming and esports community in India. As a result, hundreds of fans (many without tickets) showed up to the venue to try and get a glimpse of their favorite content creators.

The crowd proved to be overwhelming for the event organizers to handle, with many camping outside the HITEX exhibition center and exhibiting unruly behavior, inconveniencing actual ticket holders for the event.

Eventually, the Hyderabad police was forced to intervene and disperse the immense crowd that showed up to the venue, causing a ruckus.

S8UL forced to cancel activities due to crowd at DreamHack

Following yesterday’s incidents at DreamHack Hyderabad, S8UL Sid issued a statement on his official Twitter handle. “Every S8ul streamer activity had to be cancelled today due to the sheer amount of people that showed up today and we were afraid someone would get hurt,” he said. 

He thanked fans for the overwhelming support and stated that he was proud to be part of the S8UL family.

While it is heartening to see that Indian esports fans have grown so significantly that crowd control has actually become a problem, it is quite disappointing to see that more measures weren’t put in place to prevent overcrowding. Content creators being scared for injuries to themselves or their fans is certainly something that the organizers should try to prevent in such events.

Fans should also act more responsibly and actually follow due process in gaining entry to such events by officially buying tickets. It has been three years since the previous DreamHack took place and it was a first-time experience at the event for many young esports fans in the country. Better management and responsible behavior could have avoided the issue in an event that has otherwise received positive feedback from fans.

At DreamHack, fans got to witness the Snapdragon Pro Series, KO Fight Nights, several Chess events, and also got to meet their favorite esports and gaming personalities. 

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