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Paper Rex Dominates Global Esports at the VCT APAC LCQ

Abhimannu Das
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Day 2 of the Valorant Champions Tour APAC LCQ ended with Paper Rex cementing its position as one of the tournament favorites after beating Global Esports.
NUTURN, Paper Rex, Northeption and Full Sense were the winners for the day and have proceeded to the next stage.
Four teams will be fighting for survival on Oct 13th to keep their hopes alive in the APAC LCQ.

After a solid start against DAMWON Gaming in the Valorant Champions Tour APAC Last Chance Qualifiers, Global Esports got knocked into the lower bracket by Paper Rex. In today’s other games, NUTURN Gaming took home a hard-fought 2-0 win against BOOM Esports while FULL SENSE defeated REJECT with a 2-1 victory. The APAC LCQ will continue tomorrow with four lower bracket teams competing for survival.

The Indian Valorant team’s next opponent could be F4Q, the South Korean team that ended Vision Strikers’ undefeated streak of 104 games, or Fennel, one of the most consistent Valorant teams in Japan.

VCT APAC Day 2 Recap

NUTURN Gaming vs BOOM Esports (2-0)

NUTURN Gaming went up against BOOM Esports and secured a 13-10 win on Bind and a 13-7 win on Haven. BOOM Esports has been going through a number of roster changes with four of its players joining the team within the last month. The Indonesian team put up a solid fight against NUTURN but their efforts fell short against the more experienced Japanese squad.

Paper Rex vs Global Esports (2-0)

Paper Rex has improved tremendously in Stage 3 and the team competed in Valorant Masters Berlin. The team is one of the favorites to win the APAC LCQ and it put on a dominant performance against Global Esports. After a crushing 13-3 victory on Icebox, the team refused to give GE an inch with a 13-0 victory on Icebox.


FULL SENSE vs REJECT was the most competitive series of the evening. FS fielded KAY/O on Ascent, an agent that is not commonly seen in competitive Valorant. The team secured a 13-8 victory on the map but REJECT quickly responded with a hard fought 13-10 victory on Breeze. In match three, FS’ newest member Nattawat “SuperBusS” Yoosawat put on a solid performance in the second half and helped secure a 13-7 victory on Bind.

F4Q vs Northeption (0-2)

Japanese esports organization Northeption shocked everyone with a solid performance today against F4Q, a team that many expect to win the APAC LCQ. F4Q seemed to be struggling today with the team losing 6-13 on Ascent due to disappointing attack rounds. Icebox was no different with Northeption putting on an even more dominant performance and ending the match 13-4 with zero rounds dropped in the second half.

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