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Overwatch 2 Reworks Competitive Format Prior to Release

Abhimannu Das
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Overwatch 2's Competitive Mode will do away with the Skill Rating (SR) system and players will only be able to view their Skill Tiers.
Skill Tiers will be updated after every 7 wins or 20 losses in Overwatch 2.
New players will need to win 50 Quick Play games to access Competitive while veteran players will retain access to Competitive by default.

Overwatch players who will jump into Overwatch 2 will get to experience a fully reworked Competitive mode. Overwatch 2 will not have portrait levels, and match experience will go towards leveling up your Battle Pass. New players who create an Overwatch 2 account anytime after the game’s launch will need to win 50 Quick Play games to be eligible for Competitive. Anyone who has Competitive unlocked already will have access to Competitive in Overwatch 2 immediately.

Skill Tiers are being reworked in Overwatch 2

Skill Rating (SR) is being replaced by Skill Tier Divisions in Overwatch 2. The Skill Rating is being removed in favor of Tier Divisions only. Each Tier from Bronze to Grandmaster will have five divisions ranking from 5 (lowest) to 1 (highest). As you progress through each tier, your division will count down until you rank up to the next tier. Top 500 will not have tier divisions.

Tier Divisions represent the same skill levels as SR, but they give players a higher-level view of where they’re placed in Competitive. Each division represents approximately a 100 SR range. Players will receive a competitive update every seven wins, or 20 losses, instead of every single game. Competitive updates will show your progress and adjust your division, if necessary.

The placement system from past Competitive seasons is changing in Overwatch 2. Instead of playing five matches without a rank, you’ll be unranked until your first competitive update after the first seven wins or 20 losses. You can expect to start in lower Skill Tier Divisions after placement matches and progress the ranks throughout the season.

Full Reset and Top 500 Leaderboards

All players that were ranked in Competitive prior to Overwatch 2 will have their rank modified post-launch. Blizzard did not clarify how the system will work but players can expect a full reset. Top 500 Leaderboards will largely remain the same, separated by input pool (PlayStation/Xbox/Switch/PC).

You still need to complete 25 games for any given role in Role Queue or 50 games in Open Queue. The combined role queue leaderboard requires you to complete at least 25 matches. Top 500 Leaderboards unlock two weeks into the start of each new season, and cross-platform players can view the separate leaderboards in-game based on their platform.

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