Overwatch 2 Reveals Most Played Hero in History


Overwatch 2 Reveals Most Played Hero in History

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Aditya Singh Rawat
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Overwatch 2 recently celebrated its first anniversary on 4th October and the community was hyped for it.
The developers released a list of some interesting statistics which included the name of the most played Overwatch 2 Hero.
Here are all the fascinating stats shared by Overwatch 2 as its turns one year old.

Overwatch 2 turned a year old yesterday on 4th October and as a thank you to the community released a list of rather ludicrous yet interesting statistics, which included information about the most played Hero in the game since its release.

A total of six seasons have been launched for Overwatch 2 in the last 12 months, each lasting for roughly two months, introducing new features, gameplay changes, and balance updates.

Despite the rollercoaster of a gameplay meta that Overwatch 2 has gone through during this time, one character has endured it all to come out on top as the most-played Hero in history is Ana.

Who's the Most Played Hero in Overwatch 2?

There are a lot of Heroes in Overwatch 2 that most players globally like to main. This list usually includes names like Genji, Moira, Roadhog, Soldier: 76, Mercy, and other popular characters that are fun to play. Hence it was a surprise for everyone when Ana was revealed as the most-played hero in the last 12 months!

The mid to long-range support sniper is armed with a Biotic Rifle that deals damage to enemies while providing heal to allies.

In addition to this, Ana also has a Biotic Grenade that grants a boost of heal to allies while preventing enemies from getting healed, along with a Sleep Dart that knocks the enemy unconcious for a while.

To round it all up, her ultimate ability is Nano Boost which is sort of a performance-enhancing drug that grants increased damage output and reduced incoming damage to one ally at a time.

Overwatch 2 Most Played Hero: Ana

Despite mentioning that Ana was the most picked Overwatch 2 Hero since the game's release, no data was provided for a better understanding of how many times was the character picked or how many matches did she feature in.

Apart from this, the list also included some other fascinating statistics.

  • Hours Spent Playing Prop Hunt: 573, 189 Hours

  • Players Crushed By D.Va Mech: 26,747, 833 Players

  • Pharah Time Spent In The Air: 146,621 Days

  • Number Of Times Bob Did Something: 182, 522, 380 Times

  • Total Boops By Lucio, Brigitte, Winston: 32, 871, 970, 612, 904 Boops

  • Highest Earned Battle Pass Tier: 1058

This was a fun share by the developers to celebrate the first birthday of Overwatch 2. Within a year this fast-paced shooter has given so much to its community while expanding to other platforms and establishing good third-party connections.

It also witnessed some setbacks like the Overwatch League being shutdown after having hosted six seasons. It will be interesting to see what the developers have in store for the future.

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