Orangutan Gaming are VALORANT Challengers 2023: South Asia Split 2  Champions.

Orangutan Gaming Crowned Champions of Valorant Challengers 2023: South Asia Split 2

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Orangutan Gaming has been crowned as the champions for Valorant Challengers 2023 : Split 2.
OG defeated RGE 3-2, ( Fracture, 13-5, Bind 13-6, Ascent 13-8, RGE were able to take Haven 13-6, Split 13-5)
Orangutan Gaming will now compete in the VCT Pacific Ascension.

Orangutan Gaming emerged triumphant in a thrilling showdown against Reckoning Esports during the Final Showdown of the Valorant Challengers 2023: South Asia Split 2 tournament. The intense best-of-five match captivated spectators as the two teams battled it out for the championship title.

With a substantial prize pool of $100,000 and the opportunity to compete in Valorant Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific at stake, Orangutan Gaming showcased its exceptional skills and determination throughout the tournament. Its hard work and dedication paid off as it secured a well-deserved 3-2 victory over their formidable opponents, Reckoning Esports.

Orangutan Gaming Secures Championship Title in Valorant Challengers 2023: South Asia Split 2

In a highly anticipated best-of-five clash, Reckoning Esports and Orangutan Gaming competed fiercely to claim the championship title and secure a coveted spot in Pacific Ascension.

Orangutan Gaming's Valorant lineup, comprised of Sabyasachi "Antidote" Bose, Akram "Rawfiul" Virani , Rishi "RVK" Vijayakumar, Jm "tesseract" Ignacio, and Azis "Azys" Nandang, had previously demonstrated their prowess by emerging as victors in Split 1. Throughout Split 2, OG showcased exceptional performance, maintaining an impressive record of not dropping a single map leading up to the finals. Azys particularly stood out, earning the MVP title during the group stages.

Facing off against OG was Reckoning Esports, whose VALORANT lineup included Harsh "Harshhh" Arora, Saksham "Deadly10" Aurangabadkar, Daniil "flabben" Merzlyakov, Aleksandr "hvoya" Eremin, and Jit "tryst" Choudhury. Despite initial defeat in the Upper Bracket Qualifiers against Gods Reign, Reckoning staged a remarkable comeback, conquering the Lower Bracket Qualifiers, Semifinals, and Upper Bracket Finals. Its victory over Aster Army secured their spot in the grand finals.

The intense battle commenced on Haven, a map known for its attacking nature and three sites. To the surprise of many, Reckoning showcased exceptional defense, securing seven rounds and ultimately claiming the map with a commanding score of 13-6. Moving on to the second map, Fracture, OG managed to turn the tide and secure a close victory with a score of 13-10. Both teams demonstrated their dominance, resulting in an intense and unpredictable competition.

With the score tied at 1-1, the two teams headed to the third map, Split. RGE displayed commendable defensive prowess, emerging victorious over OG with a score of 13-5. Notably, Hvoya on Reyna stood out with an impressive K/D/A of 21/8/1. Transitioning to the fourth map, Bind, OG took the lead with a score of 13-6. The matches resembled a thrilling roller coaster ride as each team took turns securing victories. The climactic moment arrived with the fifth and deciding map, Ascent.

On Ascent, OG established an early lead by securing eight rounds in the first half, eventually winning the map with a score of 13-8. This decisive victory in the grand finals led to their overall triumph with a 3-2 score.

Both teams had the support of their fans, as a live audience was admitted to witness the electrifying showdown. RGE's ability to take two maps away from OG showcased their exceptional skills, a feat that no other team had achieved thus far.

With the conclusion of Split 2, the performances of the other teams in the tournament are as follows:

As the dust settles on Split 2, all eyes are now eagerly focused on the upcoming Pacific Ascension tournament, where Orangutan Gaming will compete against other teams from the APAC region.

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