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OpTic Gaming is Your 2022 Halo World Champion

Abhimannu Das
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OpTic won the series against Cloud9 5-4 in what was arguably the best matchup of this year's Halo competitive scene.
The team has secured $400,000 USD in prize money and 200,000 Halo competitive points.
This was the third major grand finals that Cloud9 lost to OpTic in 2022.

OpTic Gaming headed into the Halo World Championship finals riding high on confidence and fans thought that they were unbeatable. After all, the team was unbeaten during pool play, and unbeaten in the playoffs. Every single time a team went up against the team, OpTic thrashed them 3-0 and sent them packing, and yet Cloud9 (C9) proved to be a formidable challenge and almost stole the world championship from OpTic. Instead of the world championship finals being a cakewalk like many had expected, it was the best matchup we have seen in this year’s Halo circuit.

OpTic stole the world championship from the jaws of defeat

After securing a 3-2 win on Catalyst, Cloud9 turned up the heat and reminded OpTic that it was not going to be an easy feat to secure the world championship. C9 secured four back-to-back wins on Streets, Live Fire, Recharge, and Aquarius and OpTic did not know how to respond. 

Unlike OpTic, C9 was knocked down to the lower bracket early during the playoffs and it had to claw its way back to the grand finals with elimination hanging over the players’ heads. But the team turned things around and looked to end OpTic’s unbeaten streak.

But OpTic Gaming refused to budge and we saw the team turn things around from a 1-4 disadvantage to a 5-4 win. Tommy “Lucid” Wilson and Joey “TriPPPeY” Taylor did not have a single Halo LAN event win to their names until their recent Orlando Major win, which was the biggest moment in their careers to date. Despite their inexperience, they played like champions against one of the best teams in North America and proved that they deserve to win the title. 

Halo veterans Matthew “FormaL” Piper and Bradley “aPG” Laws know what it feels like to go up against Cloud9 all too well. Both players have gone up against C9 countless times over the years and the duo rallied the team to victory with four back-to-back wins of their own after being dominated by C9 earlier in the matchup.

Cloud9 had the perfect opportunity to exact revenge for grand finals losses against OpTic at the recent Orlando Major and the FaZe Halo Invitational, but the third time wasn’t the charm for the team. OpTic will be taking home $400,000 USD in prize money and 200,000 Halo competitive points for winning this year’s world championship which rakes up the team’s total winnings in Halo to over $1.5 million USD.

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