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OpTic Chicago CEO ‘H3CZ’ Wants to Gift His COD Team $7,000 USD Custom Shoes

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OpTic Chicago CEO, Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez said he is getting his Call of Duty team $7,000 USD custom shoes.
After Seth ‘Scump” Abner started wearing H3CZ's shoes, his performance at the Call of Duty League went up drastically.
OpTic may have finally found its 'good luck charm' to win its first championship this year.

OpTic Chicago CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez might be getting his Call of Duty team $7,000 custom Yeezys shoes as a good luck charm for the Call of Duty League (CDL). His team managed to secure a top seed for a major for the first time this season after H3CZ let Seth ‘Scump” Abner take his Yeezy Foam Runners. H3CZ thinks that the shoes served as a good luck charm as OpTic managed to beat Atlanta FaZe for the first time this season, ending FaZe’s 12 game winning streak. Will custom shoes that will cost H3CZ $7,000 help OpTic win the Call of Duty League? Only time will tell.

Foam Runners have become Optic Chicago's good luck charm at the CDL

OpTic not only managed to end FaZe’s winning streak. The team also managed to beat London Royal Ravens and took the first seed in its group. This is the first time that OpTic managed to earn the first seed in the entire season and it has fans going wild. While wearing the Yeezys, Scump maintained a 1.11 K/D whereas his K/D was 1.01 before wearing the shoes.

Fans in the YouTube comments have started calling the player "Foam Runner Scump". OpTic is looking to rebuild itself following the reinstatement of H3CZ as CEO. He managed to get back OpTic Gaming after losing it and is working towards rebuilding the brand and secure a win at the Call of Duty League. The team is desperate to prove themselves and H3CZ might sound superstitious, but he is willing to do anything it takes to give his team an advantage. He told Scump that he will be buying a custom pair of the Foam Runners to walk around comfortably during the CDL championships.

H3CZ revealed that the Foam Runners he intends to get are not “your normal Foam Runners, they would be “OpTic custom ones, like f**king $7,000.” OpTic is looking to secure its first tournament win of this season and if it ends up winning the event, it will be quite the story if the team’s ‘good luck charm’ ends up being shoes. The CDL Championship will kick off on 19th August and it remains to be seen if H3CZ ends up getting the custom shoes or his team.

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