NODWIN Gaming Invests €8 Million in Germany-Based Freaks 4U Gaming

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On 27th December 2023, NODWIN Gaming initiated a convertible loan agreement of EUR 3.6 Million with Freaks 4U Gaming, which has now been converted into equity.
NODWIN Gaming has now acquired additional shares of Freaks 4U Gaming with a contribution of EUR 4.4 Million.
With a total investment of EUR 8 Million, NODWIN Gaming now owns a 13.51% stake in Freaks 4U Gaming.

Indian esports company NODWIN Gaming, headquartered in Gurugram, India, via its completely owned subsidiary, NODWIN Gaming International Pte. Ltd has invested EUR 8 Million in Freaks 4U Gaming, a global full-service marketing agency for gaming and esports, based in Berlin, Germany,

In December last year, NODWIN Gaming entered a convertible loan agreement of EUR 3.6 Million with Freaks 4U Gaming which has now been converted into equity. Little over a month later, additional shares have been acquired by NODWIN Gaming for EUR 4.4 Million.

Freaks 4U Gaming Receives an Investment of €8 Million From NODWIN Gaming

On 27th December 2023, a convertible loan agreement of EUR 3.6 Million was initiated between NODWIN Gaming and Freaks 4U Gaming, which has now been converted into equity.

Today on 31st January 2024, NODWIN Gaming has acquired additional shares of Freaks 4U Gaming with a further contribution of EUR 4.4 Million.

This takes the total investment to a total of EUR 8 Million with NODWIN Gaming obtaining a 13.51% stake in the company.

In addition to this, NODWIN also has the option to acquire majority control in the future by swapping equity of Freaks 4U Gaming investors and founders with NODWIN shares.

As part of this agreement, NODWIN Gaming and Freaks 4U Gaming will exclusively start utilizing resources in each other’s key territories which includes assets such as personnel, equipment, and facilities.

NODWIN will get access to the Freaks 4U Gaming network across the developed markets, the PC ecosystem, and the full-service capabilities they have.

On the other hand, Freaks 4U Gaming will get access to NODWIN ’s emerging market network, facility capabilities in mobile esports, and youth culture ecosystems.

NODWIN will appoint Niels Wolter to the Freaks 4U Gaming advisory board to consult on strategy, operations, and integration, ensuring the synergy benefits identified by NODWIN and Freaks 4U Gaming are realized in a timely manner.

Freaks 4U Gaming: Global Presence

Freaks 4U Gaming provides services like marketing consultancy, social media, community management, editorial services, event management, logistics, creative services, media production, and other tailored solutions.

It is headquartered in Berlin but has regional offices in Europe, Asia, and North America, offering unparalleled industry insights and a multitude of client-centric solutions since 2011.

From strategic consultancy to online and offline activations, Freaks 4U Gaming delivers its all including state-of-the-art broadcast productions as one of the most prominent esports content creators worldwide.

Michael Haenisch, CEO of Freaks 4U Gaming, commented: “Under Akshat’s leadership, NODWIN has become a force to be reckoned with in the emerging market and the global landscape of gaming and esports. I am excited to be working alongside Akshat and his team, as we further our discussions on how Freaks and NODWIN will collaborate and grow together in this strategic alliance.”

Akshat Rathee, co-founder of NODWIN Gaming, commented: “Our collaborative journey with Freaks is growing stronger, especially in the realms of PC and mobile gaming. We hold continuous admiration for the team at Freaks as we jointly explore new avenues for cooperation. This financial contribution is a testament to our unwavering commitment to advancing together on this shared venture.”

Akshat Rathee: Co-Founder and Managing Director of NODWIN Gaming

As of late, NODWIN Gaming has been on an expansion spree, acquiring Comic Con India just a few days back for INR 55 Crores (USD 6 Million) in a cash and stock deal.

Before that NODWIN acquired a 51% stake in a media-tech startup called Branded which cost them USD 1.3 Million, a 35% stake in gaming accessories brand Wings for INR 10.01 Crores (USD 1.2 Million), a 100% stake in licensed merchandising D2C brand Planet Superheroes, and the complete gaming and adjacent intellectual property business of media and entertainment company OML Entertainment for INR 73 Crores.

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