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Noble Esports Staff Leave Org After Alleged Non-Payments

Abhimannu Das
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Noble Esports temporarily deactivated its Twitter account after multiple employees lashed out against the organization over pending payments.
Multiple content creators, directors and other staff claimed that Noble Esports has not paid them for months.
Noble Esports owner Kyle McDougal claimed that the issues were caused due to a change in the payments system and apologized for the situation.

Noble Esports deactivated its Twitter account on 7th February after allegations were made against the esports organization by multiple members. Former Partnerships Manager Dan "Dizbog" Goodman, directors, social media creators and members of the media team announced their resignations collectively after claiming that Noble Esports has not paid them.

Noble Esports allegedly did not pay its staff

Before deactivating its official Twitter account, the social media team revealed that its members will not be working with the organization until all payments are made as per their contracts. Noble content creator and director Alice “Alice” Chen released a statement claiming that Noble’s staff had not been paid. She claimed that Noble owner Kyle McDougal did not communicate with the staff and the sentiment was shared by many of its members.

Noble Partnership Manager Dizbog said on Twitter, “You have players, staff, and we even achieved having "T-Pain" represent us in some of the most horrendously broadcasted "Nobility" tournaments... unpaid.” Other content creators and members of the organization also spoke out against the organization and demanded that the people who worked at the company be paid.

Noble Esports Responds to Allegations

Earlier today, the Noble Esports Twitter account was back online and it included a statement from Kyle McDougal. The owner claimed that not a single payment was missed or delayed in the past two years. However, payments were made via PayPal and it led to a lot of unnecessary fees being charged on the platform.

Noble had reportedly attempted to shift things over to bank payments but it was met with issues. McDougal has promised to clear all pending payments with the owner stating, “it was not on my mind to mess around with anybody’s hard-earned paycheck at all and I hope everyone can believe me on that.”

Regardless of the reason behind the non-payment, Noble Esports has mishandled the situation and payments were not made to the employees on time. Multiple members have already left the organization and McDougal’s response might not be enough to bring them back to the organization.

This is not the first time that Noble Esports has been called out for non-payments. Its India division was poorly managed with players not receiving their salaries for months. Player management and remuneration was handled poorly and it has left a bad taste in everyone's mouths for everyone who was involved with the organization.

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