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“No Apex August” Completely Flops With Apex Legends Player Count Surging

Abhimannu Das
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The player count of Apex Legends continues to rise despite a section of the community being unhappy with the game.
The biggest complaint about the game from some players is how long it takes for certain bugs to be fixed by Respawn Entertainment.
The "No Apex August" campaign seems to have failed and with Season 14 around the corner, the player count is likely to rise even higher.

Some players within the Apex Legends community wanted to host “No Apex August” as a means of drawing attention to the game’s problems. It is currently the final week of the ongoing season and yet the player count on 1st August was higher than what it was a week ago. With a new season around the corner, it is unlikely that the movement by the players will get any traction. If past trends are anything to go by, it is also possible that Apex Legends might break its own peak concurrent player count once Season 14 drops, as that has been the trend in the past few seasons.

Why are players looking to boycott Apex Legends?

Players want something similar in the vein of Operation Health from Rainbow Six Siege. The community wants game-breaking bugs and other issues to get development focus and some players even want server upgrades.

Respawn Entertainment was slow to release fixes for issues like the Loba bracelet bug and Wraith hitbox bugs, from Split 1 of this season, and it took over a month for them to be fixed. Other pertaining issues include choppy servers at the start of games in some cases and inconsistent audio, especially for footsteps and gun audio behind players.

The game continues to be extremely popular despite the issues and it looks like the problems players have been pointing out on social media have not been enough to keep players away from the game. Respawn made it clear in the past that the developers do not want to bump up the server tick rate as the effective difference between a 20-tick server and a 60-tick server is not a lot according to the developers.

Sound issues on the other hand are often attributed to the game running on an old engine created by Valve. Apex Legends was created on a version of Source engine that is several years old and until we receive a sequel to Apex or a full engine overhaul, it is possible that players will simply have to accept the fact that audio isn’t always going to be the best.

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