MultiVersus Developer Reveals Ranked Mode Coming Soon

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Ranked play is not yet available in MultiVersus but it is expected to arrive soon.
MultiVersus Game Director Tony Huynh revealed that a test version of the game mode will be available shortly.
In addition to ranked mode’s release, Season 1 has been extended with the battle pass getting new tiers up to level 13.

MultiVersus’ Ranked Mode was scheduled to arrive in August along with the Season 1 update. As we got close to the release date, Player First Games revealed that the content drop would be indefinitely delayed. It has been two months since the announcement and we finally got some information on the ranked mode. It looks like players will have to wait even longer but a test version of the game mode is coming soon.

MultiVersus to get a test version of ranked mode “very soon”

MultiVersus Game Director Tony Huynh revealed the patch notes for today’s Halloween update and there was no mention of ranked mode. After the questions about the game mode started pouring in Huynh revealed, “A test version of Ranked coming very soon.“ 

The game’s playerbase has fallen off drastically since the game’s release. In July, the game had over 153,000 concurrent players on Steam and yesterday’s 24-hour peak was just over 3000 in comparison. While the game has received tons of content updates and regularly receives balance changes, the playerbase has gone down very fast.  Many feel that the lack of ranked mode took away the incentive to keep playing the game and its inclusion could help boost its playerbase. Player First has promised that ranked mode will arrive before the end of Season 1.

Season 1 was set to conclude today but the newest patch has extended the battle pass to level 53. There are new earnable rewards that players can earn and it looks like the ongoing season will end later than expected. Players will need to level up their accounts and complete games in casual modes to get access to Ranked mode once it launches, but the specific requirements are unknown as of now.

Currently, we do not have an official release date for ranked mode but with a new season expected to arrive in the coming weeks, we can expect an official announcement in November. Until then, players will have to stick to the casual game modes including the newly added “Silly Queue” game mode Growth Spurt.

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