MrBeast's Girlfriend Thea Booysen Now Co-Owns South African Esports Team Nixuh


MrBeast's Girlfriend Thea Booysen Now Co-Owns an Esports Team

Stepping into a new journey.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Esports caster, content creator, streamer, and author, Thea Booysen, who also dates MrBeast has become the official co-owner of Nixuh.
Thea Booysen aims to put South Africa on the gaming and esports map by providing Nixuh's content creators global recognition.
As a first step, Thea Booysen has announced an open invite for all content creators from around the globe to apply if they wish to join Nixuh.

Nixuh, an esports organization from South Africa, which managed to gain prominence in the region within two years of establishment is now poised to change the esports scene across the country.

This is because Thea Booysen has become the official co-owner of Nixuh. The 26-year-old is an esports caster, content creator, and streamer, who is currently in a relationship with MrBeast, the biggest creator on YouTube.

She broke this news last week on 14th January and stated, "It is my mission to put South Africa on the map and give our content creators the international recognition they deserve."

MrBeast's Partner and Content Creator Thea Booysen Co-Owns an Esports Organization Nixuh

Thea Booysen is an esports caster for a collectible card game called Disney Lorcana, she creates content that gets uploaded on her YouTube channel called TheaBeasty, she streams on Twitch where her channel goes by the same name TheaBeasty, and she has also authored a book called The Marked Children which was published on 10th August 2022.

Now, she has taken up a new challenge by becoming the co-owner of a South African esports organization, Nixuh, aiming to put the country on the esports and gaming map.

In the announcement video, Thea Booysen pretends to have a conversation with Siri, a digital assistant in Apple devices, asking her if she knows anything about the Nixuh effect.

Then she proceeds to answer by stating, "It's a theory that eventually all things divulge into chaos but sometimes a hero is born from these ashes. A legend that is destined for greatness. That doesn't fight the chaos but embraces it. So, are you in?"

Thea states that she wants to give Nixuh's creators the international recognition they deserve because "too many of our incredible, hardworking influencers fall through the cracks."

She intends to change this and has taken her first step along with Nixuh by announcing an open invitation for all content creators from around the globe.

"Whether you're a streaming star or a behind-the-scenes wizard, we're looking for individuals passionate about shaping the future of entertainment," reads the opening statement of the application which can be filled out by those interested in taking a chance.

  • Those who want to sign up can click the link to fill out the form: Join Nixuh

The multi-talented personality who was born in South Africa boasts a following of more than 275,000 on Instagram, 32,400 on YouTube, 29,300 on Twitch, and 15,100 on Twitter. On top of this, she has racked up quite the praise for her novel The Marked Children which was released well more than a year ago.

Now, taking on new responsibilities that are still within her domain of expertise, it will be interesting to see how Thea Booysen and Nixuh work together to achieve the ambitious endeavor undertaken by them.

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