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Mr. Beast Wants to Sponsor ‘Ludwig Smash’ After Sponsor Backs Out

Abhimannu Das
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Several content creators and Smash Bros. pros have commended Mr Beast for helping the community.
Ludwig was willing to host the event even if he did not make a profit.
Ludwig Smash will take place starting 22nd October and will be streamed on Ludwig's social channels.

Content creator Ludwig Ahgren announced on Twitter that he would no longer be able to host the Super Smash Bros. event he had been planning to host. He revealed that sponsors backed out of the “Ludwig Smash” event and hosting the event anyway would lead to him losing a lot of money. Jimmy ‘Mr. Beast” Donaldson reached out to Ludwig saying that he wants to sponsor the event instead.

Ludwig has accepted Mr. Beast’s proposal

While Ludwig has grown tremendously popular for his variety content in recent years, he started with Super Smash Bros. content. He mentioned in a tweet that Smash is what got him into content creation and he does not want to back out even if it leads to a loss.

Just minutes after he posted the tweet Mr. Beast reached out to him and requested Ludwig to let him be a sponsor for the upcoming event. Ludwig accepted the offer and Mr Beast’s entry into the fighting game space went immediately viral.

People from the gaming and esports space are excited about Mr. Beast’s entry into the fighting games space. Team Liquid co-owner and former Smash pro Juan "Hungrybox" Manuel DeBiedma said that it “is a very good idea” that the creators are coming together to make the event happen.

This is not the first time that Mr. Beast and Ludwig have worked together. In August, Mr Beast “gifted” Ludwig a video that cost him $1 Million USD to make free of charge. Ludwig had gone to Mr. Beast’s studio to work on a video titled “I Buried $100,000, Go Find It” which was shot in North Carolina, and it was published on Ludwig’s channel instead.

In the video, Mr. Beast revealed, “I spent over a million dollars filming this video but I did not like how it turned out.” Instead of canceling the video, he gave it to Ludwig who posted it and got over 9 Million views.

Mr Beast has also shown interest in signing a League of Legends team and expects to secure a franchise spot in the League of Legends Championship Series in the coming years. He is also an avid gamer himself and has a dedicated gaming channel where he uploads video content.

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