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Misfits Enters Valorant With 24Haven Women’s Squad

Abhimannu Das
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Misfits Gaming has signed the official 24Haven women’s roster as part of its women’s division ‘Misfits Black.’
Misfits Black will compete in Valorant Game Changers 2022 and other women’s esports events.
The team is currently ranked 115th in North America and 34th in Game Changers.

Misfits Gaming announced its entry into Valorant by signing the 24Haven free-agent women’s squad. The new Misfits women’s team is being called Misfits Black and it retains all players from the 24Haven roster. The organization is also signing the 24Haven team manager Alex “alexlihing” Li and coach Chris “Huijinyong” Yong.

Misfits Black will compete in Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers 2022

Game Changers is the esports circuit created by Riot Games for women and marginalized genders. This year’s Game Changers event will supplement the ongoing Valorant Champions Tour and we will get to see the first-ever women’s world championship team be crowned later this year. The new Misfits Black roster features:

  • Vernina "Verninaa" Gozum

  • Presley "Slandy" Anderson

  • "Mady"

  • Chloe "chloe" Wong

  • Luna "LunaFox" Ryan

  • Chris "Huijinyong" Yong (Head coach)

  • Alex "Alexlihing" Li (Manager)

The 24Haven roster was formed in 2021 to compete in Game Changers Series 2 in North America. While the team has been around since last year’s Game Changers Circuit, it is yet to earn a top finish in prior events. Complexity GX3 and Polaris defeated the roster last year during the Game Changers qualifiers, which prevented 24Haven from making it to the Game Changers main event.

The team also participated in the Super Girl Gamer Pro - Fall 2021 and made it to the quarter-finals in the qualifier. The most recent event that the roster competed in is the Sakura Cup where TSM X defeated the team in the semi-finals.

The team also participated in Stage One of the Valorant Champions Tour Open Qualifiers in the current league, but it could not make it past the open qualifiers. With Game Changers North America set to kick off on 31st March, the team will have to prove itself in the biggest circuit that Valorant women’s esports has to offer.

According to VLR.GG’s rankings, Misfits Black is placed 115th in North America. The team has a lot to prove in 2022 if it wants to be seen as one of the top women’s teams in Game Changers 2022.

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