Minecraft Championship (MCC) 34: Players, Teams, How to Watch

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Minecraft Championship (MCC) 34: Players, Teams, How to Watch</p></div>
Minecraft Championship (MCC) 34: Players, Teams, How to Watch


The Minecraft Championship (MCC) will feature ten different teams of four featuring 40 content creators from all over the world.
The championship features ten custom-made minigames, specially designed to test the rigor of the players and core Minecraft skills like combat, parkour, teamwork, survival and more.
Viewers can catch their favorite players live and view the tournament from their perspective for a unique experience.

The Minecraft Championship, often abbreviated as MCC, is coming back for its next iteration. The hosts have recently announced valuable information, including the date and time of the championship. MCC is a monthly Minecraft tournament where popular content creators from all over the world participate in Minecraft minigames in teams of four. The event first took place in November 2019 and has expanded in popularity since then. This iteration of the tournament will feature 40 global content creators. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into this month’s tournament details.

Minecraft Championship

The main focus of MCC is to test the core Minecraft skills of the players, which include combat, parkour, teamwork, survival and more. The host of the tournament, Noxcrew, will feature 10 custom made games that will test these abilities. The tournament will bring together ten teams of four players each. The official MCC page made the announcement on Twitter on 1st September 2023. 

Following this, the page has also announced all the teams that will be featured in the championship. Let's take a look at them. 

MCC Teams

The following teams have been introduced, following the announcement regarding the tournament:

Red Rabbits

  • FireBreathMan

  • Michaelmcchill

  • Ranboo

  • Shubble

Orange Ocelots

  • Smallishbeans

  • Captain Sparklez

  • KaraCorvus

  • Punz

Yellow Yaks

  • Antfrost

  • BadBoyHalo

  • Ryguyrocky

  • Skeppy

Lime Llamas

  • Awesamdude

  • Hannahxxrose

  • PeteZahHutt

  • vGumiho

Green Geckos

  • Aimsey

  • Guqqie

  • Purpled

  • Tubbo

Cyan Coyotes

  • Ollie Gamerz

  • Sapnap

  • Shadovne666

  • RedVelvetCake

Aqua Axolotls

  • 5up

  • Eret

  • Fruitberries

  • Solidarity

Blue Bats

  • GeminiTay

  • jojosolos

  • Smajor

  • TheOrionSound

Purple Pandas

  • GoodTimesWithScar

  • Illumina

  • InTheLittleHood

  • Wallibear

Pink Parrots

  • BajanCanadian

  • JeromeASF

  • Preston

  • Vikkstar

When and Where to Watch MCC?

As announced on Twitter, players can catch their favorite teams on 16th September 2023, at 7:00 p.m. GMT. Participants in the game are allowed to stream their perspective during the tournament, so players can catch a glimpse of the tournament from different angles. Fans can catch their favorite players streaming live on either Twitch or YouTube. However, Noxcrew has also provided a website where viewers can catch the streaming links to their favorite players. 

The tournament will feature 10 minigames and the two winning teams will clash against each other after eight games to determine the winner of the championship. 

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