Ludwig Announces “Scuffed World Tour” Amidst Smash World Tour Controversy

Abhimannu Das
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Ludwig will host the Scuffed World Tour on 18th December.
The event will feature the top eight ranking teams that would have competed in the Smash World Tour.
The event's goal is to raise money for Video Game BootCamp (VGBC), the organizer of Smash World Tour.

The Super Smash Bros community woke up to some terrible news earlier this week as the event was canceled. It was revealed by the organizers that Nintendo impeded their ability to host the event and despite the community coming together to host the event, it looked like the publisher had stepped in and shut things down. After Nintendo released a lackluster statement to salvage the situation, content creator Ludwig Ahgren stepped in and said that he wants to host his own event. 

The Scuffed World Tour will take place on 18th December

Ludwig is hosting yet another Super Smash Bros event which will feature the highest placing Smash World Tour competitors and the event seeks to help out Video Game BootCamp (VGBC). The Scuffed World Tour will be a one-day event and instead of featuring a prize pool, the community will raise money to support VGBC, the organizer of the Smash World Tour which is currently facing uncertainty due to the cancellation.

More details about the Scuffed World Tour will be available at a later date. Many Smash players have stepped out of the Panda Cup as well and no longer want to support Nintendo or Panda Global for canceling the Smash World Tour and they have wholeheartedly accepted Ludwig stepping in and helping out the community.

Nintendo released a fresh statement claiming that its decision to cancel the Smash World Tour was based on its assessment of proposals submitted by VGBC and the publisher’s evaluation of the event. Panda Global also issued a statement claiming that it had no influence over Smash World Tour’s cancellation and both statements have been slammed by fans and pro players alike. Pro player Aiden “Calvin” McCaig has said on Twitter that he will not be attending any Nintendo or Panda Global events moving forward and others might follow suit as well.

Smash World Tour stands to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars according to an official statement in a Medium post. The Smash community will try its best to raise as much money as possible to support the third-party tournament organizer.  

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