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Leaker Says Overwatch 2 May Be Pushed to 2023

Abhimannu Das
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Overwatch leaker Metro revealed that development of Overwatch 2 is "mostly done". However, the existing heroes have not yet been balanced for the new game.
Developers will have to rework multiple heroes to make them adapt to the new 5v5 setting.
Metro states that a 2022 release date for Overwatch 2 is unlikely.

Overwatch leaker Metro, who is one of the first people to talk about Overwatch 2’s development years ahead of its official announcement, reported that development for Overwatch 2 is “mostly done.” However, the developers have not sorted out the hero balancing yet and the game may be pushed back to 2023. The new game has no official release date currently and all we found out from this year’s Blizzcon is that the game will not be releasing this year. Metro stated that a 2022 reveal is not likely anymore and fans may have to wait a little longer. Here is everything we know about Overwatch 2 so far.

Why is Overwatch 2 being delayed

In one of Metro’s recent streams, he revealed that the new heroes are done mostly and the game has a basic single-player campaign completely done along with multiplayer maps. However, what seems to be stalling development is the lack of hero balancing. He said “The thing they have not done is they did not consider anything in terms of reworking heroes.”

With Overwatch 2, the game will no longer be a 6v6 game like the first Overwatch. Instead, it will feature 5v5 gameplay with solo tanks only, instead of the usual two tanks that players are used to. The shift in the format will require multiple characters to be required, especially the off-tanks who will now need to fulfil a main tank role. It will be interesting to see how characters like Roadhog and D. Va are reworked to offer better tanking capabilities.

It is not just tanks who will need to be reworked, but also other existing characters. Metro specifically cited McCree’s stun which still makes it into Overwatch 2’s previews. However, the leaker hopes that the devs do not take too long to sort out the balancing issues and the game releases earlier than expected.

In addition to the characters being changed up, the developers also want to add more cover to maps to make up for the lack of a second tank that veteran players are used to. It will help players get adjusted to the gameplay changes and rely more on cover to protect themselves from incoming damage. Overwatch players are currently without any content with no new maps or heroes being added to the game and the release of the sequel may revitalize interest in the game.

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