These are the leaked Rewards for Free Fire Booyah Pass for August 2023 (Season 8)


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Leaked Rewards for Free Fire Booyah Pass August 2023 (Season 8)

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Leaks about the upcoming August Booyah Pass in Free Fire have surfaced, providing a preview of the potential rewards and theme - Synthetic Strike.

Leaked information regarding the upcoming August Booyah Pass in Free Fire has been surfacing rapidly. Mr Mannu Gaming, a YouTuber, recently shared a comprehensive review of the potential items players might find in Season 8 of the pass.

Free Fire August Booyah Pass Theme, Price and Duration

The Synthetic Strike theme will serve as the foundation for Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 8, which is expected to launch in early August and continue until 31st Aug 2023. The pass will feature both free and premium reward tracks, with exclusive rewards available in the latter. Upgrading to the Premium track will require 499 diamonds, while the Premium Plus will cost 999 diamonds.

Free Fire August Booyah Pass Leaks

Mr. Mannu Gaming

Once the pass is upgraded, players will need to complete missions and accumulate EXP to level up. While it is possible to purchase levels using diamonds, this option is generally considered costly and not recommended.

What are the leaked items for Booyah Pass Season 8?

According to the leaked video, the following items are likely to be included in the August Booyah Pass:

  • Level 1: FAMAS Wisdom's Vision (30 days)

  • Level 10: Wining Insight Pants (free) and Foam of Wisdom Bundle

  • Level 20: Synthetic Strike Avatar (free) and Synthetic Surge Avatar

  • Level 30: Wisdom Container Loot Box

  • Level 40: Motorbike Wisdom Cruiser

  • Level 50: Wisdom Parachute (free) and Tech Flow Bundle

  • Level 60: Synthetic Strike Banner (free) and Synthetic Surge Banner

  • Level 70: Riding on Wisdom Skyboard

  • Level 80: Grenade - Wisdom Explosion

  • Level 100: FAMAS Wisdom's Vision

  • Level 130: Wisdom's Edge

  • Level 140: Weight of Wisdom Backpack

  • Level 150: Sunbathing emote

  • Level 151 and above: S8 Deluxe Box (Repeatable reward; claim a reward for every one BP level)

While Mr Mannu Gaming has previously provided accurate leaks about the Booyah Pass, the actual rewards available in the August Booyah Pass may differ from those mentioned. Additionally, since the pass will be accessible in August, an official announcement is not expected in the near future.

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