Kingfisher India Premiership 2023: Schedule And Format


Kingfisher India Premiership 2023: Complete Schedule and Format Breakdown

One of the biggest Indian esports tournament is almost here.

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The Winter Season of Kingfisher India Premiership 2023 is currently underway and is scheduled to take place across Jan, Feb, and March.
It is split into six different stages and it started on 5th January and shall be coming to an end on 26th March.
The Winter LAN Finale will be taking place in March, crowning a new champion and bringing this event to a close.

One of the leading tournament organizers from India, NODWIN Gaming, is currently hosting the Winter Season of Kingfisher India Premiership 2023 which is scheduled to take place across the months of January, February, and March.

The Starter Cup 1 is about to conclude, paving the way for the Masters League Phase 1, but there still seems to be some confusion within the Indian gaming community about the schedule and format of the Kingfisher India Premiership 2023: Winter Season.

Here is a quick look at the complete schedule of the tournament and a comprehensive breakdown of its format.

Kingfisher India Premiership 2023 - Winter Season: Everything you need to know

The Kingfisher India Premiership 2023 will be running for a total of nine months, divided into three seasons, starting off with the Winter Season which flagged off on 5th January.

Each season has been split into six stages, the schedule for the current Winter Season being as follows,

  • Starter Cup 1 - 5th to 11th January

  • Masters League: Phase 1 - 14th January to 5th February

  • Starter Cup 2 - 8th to 13th February

  • Relegation Phase - 15th and 16th February

  • Masters League: Phase 2 - 18th February to 12th March

  • LAN Finals - 25th and 26th March

One of the top qualities of this tournament is that India Premiership is a true grassroots-level event with no directly invited teams. This means that all competitors have to fight through every single stage in order to make it to the LAN and contend for the championship spot.

Kingfisher India Premiership 2023 to feature three esports titles

This is how all teams will progress ahead in the tournament.

Starter Cup 1

The journey for all teams will start from the open qualifier which follows a single-elimination format. It will take place in the first two weeks of January and the top eight teams will proceed ahead to the next stage, Masters League: Phase 1.

Masters League: Phase 1

The eight qualified teams will take on each other in a round-robin format, the top six moving ahead to the Masters League: Phase 2 while the bottom two will drop down to the Relegation Phase.

Starter Cup 2

Another open qualifier will be held in February running for a duration of one week. It will again follow a single-elimination format, but unlike last time only the top two teams will move ahead to the Relegation Phase.

Relegation Phase

The four teams, bottom two from the Masters League: Phase 1 and the top two from the Starter Cup 2 will go against each other with the top two teams qualifying for the Masters League: Phase 2.

Masters League: Phase 2

The eight qualified teams, top six from Masters League: Phase 1 and top two from Relegation Phase, will follow a round-robin format and the top four will qualify for the Winter LAN Finale.

Winter LAN Finale

The final four teams will compete against each other in a best-of-three single-elimination format and the last team that remains standing will be crowned as the Winter Season Champion.

This is the complete schedule of the ongoing Kingfisher India Premiership 2023: Winter Season and how it will play out across three months from January to March.

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