Indus Crosses 1.5 Million Pre-Registrations, Announces Esports-Focused Playtest

Abhimannu Das
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Indus Battle Royale


Pune-based publisher Indus has achieved over 1.5 Million pre-registrations for its upcoming battle royale - Indus.
The game's fourth playtest will be taking place and it will focus on Indus' esports features
If invited, players get an Indus Battle Kit. It’s a collection of memorabilia made to celebrate SuperGaming’s community.

Made-in-India battle royale Indus has crossed 1.5 Million pre-registrations according to Pune-based publisher SuperGaming. The developer team for the game is currently focused on preparing the title for its esports audience. A new playtest has been announced that will allow players to test out the game’s esports features. Participants will be able to share their thoughts on the game directly with SuperGaming and if you want to be part of the playtesting group, here is how you can sign up.

How to sign-up for Indus’ Community Playtest 4

The features that players will be able to check out in the upcoming Community Playtest include: 

  • Squads 

  • Spectator mode 

  • Armor system 

  • Vehicles 

  • Supply drops 

  • Customizable controls 

  • Improved graphics and smoother visuals 

  • Animation improvements 

  • Traversal improvements 

  • Map improvements 

  • Mini-map upgrades 

  • New characters 

  • New character skins 

  • Weapon testing facility — to try out Indus’ weapons before you land on Virlok

Players will be able to share their thoughts on various aspects of the game and impact the direction of how SuperGaming crafts its upcoming battle royale title. If invited, players get an Indus Battle Kit. It’s a collection of memorabilia made to celebrate SuperGaming’s community and how games are built through collaboration. 

Registration Link:

Note: If you are selected, you will be notified via email or phone notifications. 

Indus is set to release later this year and it might fill the hole left by Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Free Fire’s absence. With rumors about BGMI doing the rounds, and teams investing in new rosters, it is possible that Indus will have to compete against Krafton’s title in the future.

There are two key advantages that Indus has in its favor. Firstly, it is a multiplatform title that is coming to console and PC, unlike BGMI which is a mobile-only title officially. Secondly, the made-in-India branding by Indus can work in its favor as the Indian audience could feel more connected to a game that seeks to represent the country’s culture.

There is no official release date available yet, but we can expect an announcement in the coming months.

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