Dice Media Drops Trailer Of Indian Web Series Clutch Based On Esports


Indian Esports Web Series 'Clutch' Revealed By Dice Media

A new Indian web series based on esports is about to release soon!

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Dice Media has released the trailer of an Indian web series called Clutch, based on esports.
The web series revolves around the story of five individuals who navigate their way through the world of competitive gaming in India.
The first episode of this web series is scheduled to release on 1st October 2021 on Dice Media's official YouTube Channel.

Dice Media is all set to roll out a new Indian web series based on competitive gaming called Clutch. The series sponsored by Lenovo and Loco is being touted as India's first esports web series, scheduled to release on 1st October 2021. Clutch features popular Indian actress and social media icon Ahsaas Channa as part of its cast. The official trailer of the upcoming series released earlier today on Dice Media's official YouTube channel, giving everyone a good insight into the premise of the story which revolves around the lives of five individuals who fight their own battles to become professional esports players.

Official trailer of Indian web series 'Clutch' based on esports has released

Dice Media, creators of many popular web series on YouTube like Little Things, Operation MMBS, Adulting, and more, has released the official trailer of its latest creation 'Clutch'.

This web series revolves around the story of five people who want to become esports athletes in India, facing many obstacles to come together and form an underdog esports team.

The viewers will be introduced to Arun, Adil, Prachi, Raunak, and Jeetu, who are the main characters of this show. We shall see all the hardships they had to face, and the sacrifices they had to make, as they navigate their way through the world of competitive gaming in India.

The characters come from varied backgrounds and different age groups, fighting their own personal battles against society, as they try to live their dreams of being an esports athlete and prove that the path they have set out on is the right one.

From the trailer a few things that we come to know about the story are,

  • Team Clutch is a new mobile esports team, competing in a fictional tournament called World Gaming League India 2021.

  • Prachi is badminton player who also loves playing mobile games competitively. She is facing some sort of family pressure to keep her focus on badminton.

  • Jeetu is a member of Team Clutch who is not from a really good social background, fighting his own problems to compete professionally.

  • Raunak seems to be the most talented player of the team. He is short tempered and had apparently stepped back from the scene due to unknown reasons, but is offered an opportunity to make a comeback with Team Clutch.

  • Adil is a kid with the potential to be a good player and becomes a part of this team.

  • Arun is probably the coach of Team Clutch who was quite popular seven years ago as an esports player, but stepped away from the scene due to some reason. He is trying to find his way back into competitive gaming once again, this time as a coach.

The first episode of Clutch is all set to release on 1st October. This may be something that the Indian gaming community might be looking forward to, especially considering mobile gaming's growing popularity across the country.

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