Indian Esports Tournaments We Can Expect In 2023


Indian Esports Tournaments We Can Expect in 2023

Here are some events we can expect in the year ahead.

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The Indian gaming community will witness a good mixture of mobile and PC esports titles in 2023.
In the absence of popular mobile titles like Free Fire and BGMI, tournament organizers will be looking at other competitive games.
Here is a list of Indian esports tournaments from various organizers that we can expect in 2023.

2023 is expected to be an exciting year for Indian esports with tournament organizers focusing on different esports titles like Pokemon Unite, CS:GO, Dota 2, PUBG, Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, and other such competitive games.

In the absence of multiple popular mobile titles like Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Free Fire, the local organizers are offering a variety of games to the Indian gaming community which largely constitutes PC titles.

Though the esports roadmaps have not been revealed by multiple national organizers, based on the previous annual circuits here is a list of tournaments that we can expect will be taking place in 2023.

Esports tournaments that we can expect to witness in India this year

It is still uncertain if BGMI will return to India this year or not. Its comeback is patiently awaited by the entire mobile gaming community as some of the biggest tournaments within India operated around this title. Valorant is still alive and kicking, but one title alone cannot be enough to guarantee continued success for the Indian gaming community.

This moment has presented Indian esports organizers with an opportunity to experiment with other games and we can expect new titles in already established IPs (Intellectual Property) that have become an annual affair.

1. Skyesports

One of the leading esports tournament organizers from India, who expanded to Southeast Asia in late 2022, is ready to invest a minimum of $500,000 USD towards classic esports titles like CS:GO and Dota 2 this year.

Apart from this, Shiva "Marvel" Nandy - CEO and Founder of Skyesports, has been constantly providing tidbits of information about what they have in store this year.

Based on all the information that is available online, some esports tournaments that we can expect from them are as follows,

  • Skyesports CS:GO League

  • Skyesports Real Cricket Championship

  • Skyesports Pokemon Unite India Open

  • Skyesports Grand Slam

  • Skyesports Championship

  • Skyesports Mobile Open

2. The Esports Club

Another great esports tournament organizer from India, The Esports Club (TEC) has always been active when it comes to hosting events for less popular titles across PC and Mobile. Along with this, they also organize a lot of community cups to support and uphold the grassroots of Indian esports.

  • TEC Pro Series

  • TEC Challenger Series

  • TEC Gauntlet

  • TEC Community Cup

  • TEC Invitational Scrims

  • TEC Valorant Cup

3. Upthrust Esports

Mostly active in and around mobile titles, Upthrust Esports, might be the only tournament organizer that has unveiled its esports roadmap for 2023.

Here is the entire list of events that it plans to host through the course of this year:

  • Pro Showdown 2.0

  • Ranbhoomi 2.0

  • Diwali Battle 2023

  • Gamers On Ground

  • Survivors Throne Season 3

  • Gaming Fest Season 3

  • India Rising 2023

4. Villager Esports

Another prominent esports organizer, Villager Esports, mostly focuses its efforts on various mobile titles along with a few PC titles. The same can be expected from them this year as well with New State Mobile being the replacement for BGMI, in addition to titles like PUBG (PC) and Valorant.

  • Villager Esports Pro Invitational

  • Domin8r Series

  • Villager Esports Winter/Summer Invitational

  • Thug Invitational

  • Villager Esports Battle Zone

These are some Indian esports tournaments that we can expect to witness in 2023 from various tournament organizers. The titles that these events might feature could change depending on whether BGMI returns or not.

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