Suresh Raina Talks About MS Dhoni's Love For Gaming


Indian Cricketer Suresh Raina Talks About MS Dhoni's Love for Gaming

Captain Cool, both inside and outside the pitch. 😎

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During a recent interview, Suresh Raina among other things spoke about MS Dhoni's love towards video games.
"He plays a lot of games," says Raina, while describing situations where people end up waiting for him to finish gaming before heading for lunch or dinner.
In the past, Harbhajan Singh and Sakshi Dhoni have both spoken about MS Dhoni's gaming habits.

One of the cricketing legends and arguably the most successful captain that the Indian team has ever had, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is best known for being an extraordinary reader of the game, a fierce lower-order batsman, a brilliant leader, and an adept wicketkeeper.

Outside of cricket, his love for bikes and football is also known by many often overshadowing the fact that MS Dhoni absolutely adores playing video games during his downtime.

During a recent interview for the Jio Cinema series 'My Time With Dhoni', former Indian cricketer Suresh Raina also known as Mr IPL, spoke about MS Dhoni's love towards gaming and how he often uses the classic gamer dialogue 'five more minutes' to squeeze a bit more time in front of the screen.

Suresh Raina talks about MS Dhoni's love for gaming: "He plays a lot of games"

MS Dhoni has won the hearts of millions of cricketing fans worldwide with his on-field antics and achievements which include leading the Indian team to victory in the ICC T20 World Cup in 2007, ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011, and ICC Champions Trophy in 2013.

However, away from the game he loves to pass time in front of a screen with a controller in his hand enjoying his favorite video games. In a recent interview, among other things Suresh Raina pointed out how he would often end up waiting for Dhoni to finish his game before heading off to lunch or dinner.

"He plays a lot of games," says Raina, explaining that whenever going for dinner and everyone was ready to leave, they would ask Dhoni to come and he would request them to wait for ten minutes because he wanted to fire some bullets.

Dhoni would use terms that every gamer can relate to, things like 'I am firing at them', 'I am about to get him', 'They are coming from behind', and other such phrases just to buy himself some more time with the controller.

This behaviour did sometimes get to Raina but he brushed it aside and did not complain, "Sometimes it was a bit irritating, but it's fine we can wait for 10 to 15 minutes."

In the past, retired Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh has also pointed out how Dhoni spends a lot of his time gaming when away from cricket, playing titles like FIFA and sometimes even PUBG along with other games.

Even his wife, Sakshi Dhoni, has commented on these gaming habits saying that Dhoni plays video games to divert his ever-active mind and has noticed him talking about it in his sleep.

“You know, Mahi's got a thinking brain, it doesn't rest. So, I think when he plays video games like Call of Duty or be it PUBG or whatever, I think it just helps him divert his mind that's it and which is a good thing,” says Sakshi.

MS Dhoni will be see in action soon, leading Chennai Super Kings at the upcoming Indian Premier League 2023, playing the opening match against Gujarat Titans at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

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