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Impressive San Francisco Shock Streak Hits 391-Day Mark

Abhimannu Das
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San Francisco Shock now has a 20-0 winstreak following its recent win against New York Excelsior.
The previous winstreak record was held by Vancouver Titans who went 19-0.
SF Shock has been undefeated for 391 days and its record might never be beaten if the team extends the lead even further.

The San Francisco Shock (SF Shock) broke the previous Overwatch League winstreak (19-0), set by Vancouver Titans in the 2019 season, to become the current record holder. SF Shock has not lost a regular season game in 391 days and counting. It has won 20 games in a row. The team has suffered defeats in regional and international tournaments, but it has not faltered a single time in the Overwatch League in over a year.

Will the impossible record be beaten in the Overwatch League?

No one thought that the Vancouver Titans’ record would be beaten, but here we are. The Titans was a brand new franchise heading into the Overwatch league in 2019 and it shocked everyone with its consistent performances against the best and most established teams in the franchised league. Since its Stage 1 game against Shanghai Dragons, up until its Stage 3 win against Chengdu Hunters, the team did not drop a single point for 19 games.

Fast forward to 2021, SF Shock kicked things off with a 3-1 victory at the Overwatch League Countdown Cup but the team fell short at other events. The team’s regular season winstreak kept getting bigger and in the 2022 season no one thought that the streak would continue.

SF Shock signed a brand new roster with Park “Viol2t” Min-ki being the only player who stayed from the original team. The former O2 Blast team joined SF Shock and the rookie team managed to maintain the momentum and carry the winstreak forward.

With a win against New York Excelsior, SF Shock is now 20-0 and the streak may get even bigger over time. Beating the streak seems impossible but everyone said the same thing when the Titans secured their 19-0 winstreak. Only time will tell if SF Shock will go down in history as the best Overwatch League team or if another team will take that title.

The team has already won two Overwatch League championships and a lot of fans and analysts can attest to the team’s consistent performances throughout the years. Overwatch esports’ viewership does not hold the same kind of interest it used to, but with Overwatch 2 right around the corner, more eyes will be on SF Shock and its feats in the Overwatch League.

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