iiTzTimmy Blazes From Rookie to Predator in a Single Apex Legends Stream


iiTzTimmy Blazes From Rookie to Predator in a Single Apex Legends Stream

Abhimannu Das
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Timothy "iiTzTimmy" An has pulled off yet another Solo Rookie to Predator run in a 34 hour stream.
He had previously achieved the same feat but in a 55-hour stream instead.

Timothy "iiTzTimmy" An, is a popular Apex Legends streamer and content creator known for his high-level gameplay and entertaining personality. He has climbed the ranks from Rookie to Apex Predator multiple times, showcasing his impressive skills and knowledge of the game. He has pulled off the feat yet again in a 34-hour stream where he climbed from the lowest rank (Rookie) to #584 on the Apex Legends leaderboard in a single sitting. After the gruelling grind, he made it to Apex Predator with 15,322 Ranked Points in the bag.

IiTzTimmy is Locked in for Apex Legends Global Series 2023

Timmy is out there to prove himself in not just Apex Legends' ranked leaderboards, but also in the competitive scene. After sticking to content creation for the majority of his career, he formed a team (DOJO) with Tyler "Dezignful" Gardner and Alexander "Enemy" Rodriguez.

In September 2023, iiTzTimmy, along with his teammates Dezignful and Enemy, were signed to Disguised Toast's (DT) esports organization. This marked DT's entry into competitive Apex Legends.

The DOJO squad has competed under the Disguised Toast banner in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), achieving impressive results. They placed 4th in the Year 3 ALGS Championship and are currently competing in Year 4.

Timmy is famous for his endurance and skill, demonstrated by his numerous streams where he climbed from Bronze to Predator in one sitting, sometimes exceeding 55 hours last year.

He has broken numerous damage records over the years and is a player to watch out for. The new reworked ranked system in Apex Legends has led to a spike in the game's playerbase on team. The ongoing anniversary event, a new perk system and other changes to the game have revitalized the love for Apex Legends for not just various content creators but also the average playerbase.

The meta is in a fairly balanced state with Wingman being one of the only outliers in the weapon balancing department. With a few balance changes here and there, this could very well be one of the best Apex Legends seasons since its release.

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