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HydraFlick Played FIFA on an Optoma UHD33 Projector: Here's How It Went

Abhimannu Das
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Content creator Rohit “HydraFlick” Ledwani tried out games like FIFA on a projector and shared his experience online.
The video intrigued us enough to have a chat about it with him recently, where he shared his experience with us and recommended playing on a projector.
He said that he would prefer playing on a projector over a TV, especially for console and casual titles.

While most gamers are accustomed to using monitors or TVs to get the most immersive experiences, some are still left wanting for more visual fidelity. Indian content creator, Rohit “HydraFlick” Ledwani recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, which saw him experience and talk about the Optoma UHD33 projector. Like many, we also went in with relatively low expectations. But his fascination with the excellent picture quality intrigued us enough to speak with him about his experience of gaming on a projector. Well that and the fact that this is a sponsored story and we’re obligated to do so, but hey trust us, we were genuinely curious!

From what we’ve learnt from our conversation with HydraFlick, it seems like projectors like the Optoma UHD33 could be a genuine alternative for gaming compared to TVs and monitors.

Is it worth it for gamers to switch to a projector from a TV?

HydraFlick told AFK Gaming that for games like FIFA, playing on a projector is worth it, and we do agree that styling on your friends in-game on a 200” screen does look cool. He recommends it for console gamers who want to play on a bigger screen. Large high-refresh rate monitors can be very expensive and HydraFlick believes that projectors might be the way to go. The UHD33 projector he played on can project gameplay up to 200 inches diagonally at a 240 Hz refresh rate.

As someone who also plays Battle Royale games like PUBG and Apex Legends, he feels that he was still able to game comfortably without issues. But for titles like CS:GO, it is not something that he would recommend, as the advantages of a monitor outweigh the benefits of a projector. At least you will be able to punch, kick, and scream at the 200 inch “display” and not worry about destroying anything except your limbs.

The projector supports up to 4K resolution in a 21:9 aspect ratio and if you own a new-gen PS5, an Xbox Series X, or even a high-end PC (a miraculous feat considering recent global electronic shortages), it can offer an immersive experience according to HydraFlick. The content creator streams regularly and he said that streaming on a projector is also something that is possible and he would be down to try it out. With the pandemic keeping everyone at home, you can have your personal theater at home, minus the overpriced popcorn.

While the Optoma UHD33 projector might not break the Guiness world record for the "Largest Projected Video Game Display" which was set by Xbox and Destiny 2 last year, it seems like an experience that might be well suited for casual gaming at 4K. We at AFK Gaming are not tech gurus, and we were paid for this promo, but it’s hard to deny that playing on a 200-inch 4K screen in your living room without breaking the bank could be a fun experience.

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