Hydra Esports In Difficult Period, Some Members Might Get Removed


Hydra Esports Is Facing a Difficult Period, Some Members Might Get Removed

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In a recent livestream, Hydra Esports’ founder, Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant, revealed that the organization is going through a difficult period.
Dynamo said that his emotional connection with the organization’s members is the main reason behind it.
He added that he would make a bold move by removing members from the organization that are not doing well.

Popular Indian content creator and founder of Hydra Esports, Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant, recently discussed the ongoing difficult period for the organization. Dynamo acknowledged that many esports organizations have progressed ahead of Hydra Esports and expressed his happiness for them. He explained that his emotional connection with the members of the organization is the main cause behind the lagging of the organization. Additionally, he stated that he would make a bold move by removing members from the organization that are not doing well.

Dynamo plans to remove some members from Hydra Esports

In a recent livestream, a viewer told Dynamo that a lot of organizations had progressed ahead of Hydra Esports, like Godlike Esports, and it was high time for Hydra to make a bold move to bounce back. The viewer further asked Dynamo if it was a bad period for the organization. Responding to this, Dynamo acknowledged that the organization is facing some difficulties. “I will consider this as a very bad period for Hydra Esports. I don’t hide from the truth, and this is actually a very bad period for Hydra,” he said. “Those who have progressed ahead of us, I’m very happy for them, like GodLike Esports and many other organizations,” he added.

Dynamo refrained from explaining what was going wrong in the organization but noted it had a solution. “I don’t want to explain, but the situation is overall bad. We have come up with a solution. We had a meeting recently, and we realized that I am very emotionally connected to the members of the organization. I get emotionally connected to them, so I don’t make many decisions,” he said.

Dynamo explained that well-established international organizations remove their members if they do not bring enough value to the organization. However, it is not the same with Dynamo as he considers all of them together because of his emotional connection as they have all grown together on YouTube. “If you note the foreign policies of any other organizations, the people that are not favoring your organization, favoring as if they are not doing well for the organization, they remove those people from the organization. But it’s not the same with me; I always consider the time spent together. Some have reached from zero subscribers to 100k, 200k, 300k, 1 Million, and 2 Million. I used to consider that we all are together,” he said. 

Finally, Dynamo revealed that to improve the organization’s situation, he had planned to make the required bold move. “The bold move is going to be we will remove the members that are not doing well,” he said.

Previously, Dynamo revealed that he was working to overhaul the organization’s content creators. Dynamo mentioned that he planned to make changes to the organization by dismissing members who have not been actively participating and contributing towards producing content of the desired standard.

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