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How to Use The Apex Legends Map Rotation Tracker

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Apex Legends does not have a full map rotation tracker in-game and players have to rely on community-created solutions.
The Apex Legends Map Rotation Tracker is a fan-made tool that allows you to track the map rotation for all casual and competitive modes.
The Ranked Battle Royale maps do not change until the mid-season split happens every eight weeks or so.

With Apex Legends’ map rotation changing every split, it can be difficult to keep up with what maps are in rotation at any given time. Respawn Entertainment has one map available per season for its ranked mode but its Arenas, Trios, and Duos maps change several times a day. There is no official Apex Legends map rotation tracker available in-game but there are community-created resources that you can rely on to find out when your favorite map will be avaialble during the day.

What is the Apex Legends Map Rotation Tracker?

The Map Rotation Tracker was made by Kuro, a software engineer from the Apex community. The tool is very straightforward and when you head to the official website, it tells you which map is in rotation in Trios and Duos and it tells you how long you will need to wait until the map changes.

You can also boot up the game and check the map rotation but it shows you only the amount of time left for the current map to be swapped out in favor of a different map.

How to use the Map Rotation Tracker in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Map Rotation Tracker

o use the Apex Legends Map Rotation Tracker:

  1. Head to https://apexmap.kuroi.io/br

  2. The homepage will show you the current battle royale map and the time remaining until the next rotation

  3. Click on the two bars on the top right

  4. You will be able to change the mode and see the current map rotation for any of the game’s existing modes.

If you use the tool frequently, you can bookmark the page on your phone or browser to easily access it whenever you need to check the map rotation in Apex Legends. You can do so by clicking on the star icon in the URL bar of your web browser.

The times shown in the tool are accurate for all servers and you can use it to find out when your favorite map will be available. The tool might not be accurate during limited-time events as the tool needs to be updated to reflect changes to the map rotation.

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