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How to Unlock the Poro Gun Buddy in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
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The Poro Gun Buddy is now available for Valorant players via the RiotX Arcane website.
Players need to complete some missions in the event page to get the drop directly in their inventories.
There will be additional rewards available later this month to commemorate the launch of Arcane Act 2 and Act 3.

Riot Games is hosting its second major in-game event of 2021 with RiotX Arcane to promote the launch of its animated series ‘Arcane.’ Just like the Sentinels of Light event which took place earlier this year, Valorant players are also getting their hands on rewards themed around the League of Legends universe. Players can grab a Poro gun buddy in Valorant from the RiotX Arcane portal.

How to redeem the Arcane Poro Gun Buddy in Valorant

Unlike the Arcane Premiere drops, the Poro Gun Buddy cannot be redeemed via Twitch. Instead, you will have to go to the official RiotX Arcane hub and redeem it. The RiotX Arcane event is ending on 20th November 2021 and you need to grab your Valorant gun buddy before that.

  1. Head to the official RiotX Arcane website

  2. On opening the website, click on the login button

  3. Login to your Riot/Valorant account

  4. Click on ‘Explore Now’

Simply explore all of the content on the RiotX Arcane page and complete the missions available. Once done, you will receive the Poro Gun Buddy in your inventory. In some cases, it can take some time to appear in your inventory or it may require you to restart Valorant once.

What other rewards can I earn in Valorant from the RiotX Arcane event?

Fishbones Gun Buddy

On Arcane’s premiere day (6th November 2021), anyone that watched the Global Premiere Event broadcast on Twitch or while logged in/linked to their Riot Games account were eligible to earn the reward. There will be a re-broadcast on 20th November and if you want to earn the drop, you need to stay tuned to Riot Games’ Twitter for the official schedule which will be revealed closer to launch.

Loose Cannon Spray

This item will be available by completing missions in the World of RiotX Arcane website. Missions will become available on 14th November 2021.

Arcane Jinx Card

Riot Games has not yet revealed how to obtain the Arcane Jinx player card for Valorant. More information will be available at a later date.

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