Skyesports SEA Championship: GodSquad Wins Final Val’Clasico


GodSquad Wins the Last Ever Val'Clasico at Skyesports SEA Championship

The final Val'Clasico definitely lived up to all the hype and anticipation!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The last-ever Val'Clasico between GodSquad (Global Esports) and Velocity Gaming took place earlier today at the Skyesports SEA Championship.
The Val'Clasico lived up to all the hype as it went down to the wire before GodSquad managed to win by a 2-1 scoreline.
Velocity Gaming has been eliminated from the tournament while GodSquad advances to the lower bracket final.

The current lineups of Velocity Gaming and GodSquad (Global Esports) played against each other one last time earlier tonight on 24th November at the Skyesports SEA Championship. This high stake last-ever Val'Clasico was won by GodSquad after both teams went the distance across Pearl, Bind, and Haven.

Both teams had lost their opening matches against MiTH (Made in Thailand) and Bleed Esports respectively, dropping down to the lower bracket and playing a do-or-die series to see which team proceeds ahead in the tournament.

This is how one of the most epic clashes within the South Asian Valorant scene played out its last-ever match with their current lineups.

The final Val'Clasico at Skyesports SEA Championship: GodSquad defeats Velocity Gaming in a last map thriller

Val'Clasico is the most exciting match across the entire competitive Valorant scene in South Asia that is played between Global Esports (GodSquad) and Velocity Gaming - two of the strongest teams from India.

This is the one final time that the two of them were competing against each other before the season concludes and Global Esports undergoes a pre-decided roster shuffle for the next VCT (Valorant Champions Tour) season.

Final Val'Clasico between GodSquad and Velocity Gaming

The teams managed to attain victory on their respective map picks, GodSquad walking away with a '13-11' score on Pearl, followed by Velocity Gaming winning on Bind with a '13-7' scoreline.

In the end, the final Val'Clasico came down to a decider being played on Haven where Global Esports took a commanding '8-4' lead in the first half playing as defenders. The momentum helped them execute some flawless attacks which resulted in a comfortable '13-9' victory for the side.

With this, the Val'Clasico truly lived up to all the hype that it had created as two of the finest lineups brawled it out on the server delivering some top-notch Valorant action.

Unfortunately, Velocity Gaming has been eliminated from this tournament following this loss while GodSquad advances to the lower bracket final where they will be going up against MiTH.

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