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GodSquad Defeats Bleed Esports and BOOM Esports on GXR Valorant India Invitational Day 2

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After a defeat against Paper Rex on the first day of the Valorant India Invitational, GodSquad went on to defeat Bleed Esports and BOOM Esports on the second day of Valorant India Invitational by Galaxy Racer(GXR) India. The team showed an incredible performance throughout both matches. However, GodSquad won’t be moving forward to the next stage of the tournament due to fewer points.

Valorant India Invitational 2022 is one of the official Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Off-Season events for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region organized by Galaxy Racer India in Hyderabad, India. The main event of the tournament has already started and will conclude on 20th November.

GodSquad shows an impressive performance on GXR Valorant India Invitational Day 2

GodSquad played its first match of the second day against Bleed Esports and its second against BOOM Esports. Here is the recap of both matches.

GodSquad vs Bleed Esports

Following is the map veto of GodSquad vs Bleed Esports:

 GodSquad vs Bleed Esports Map Veto

In the first match, GodSquad started as Defenders and showed an incredible performance to secure eight rounds, leading to a swap of GS 8-4 BLD. In the second half, GodSquad showed consistency and triumphed over Bleed Esports to win the match with a scoreline of 13-10.

GodSquad vs Bleed Esports Stats

Bleed Esports’ Tyler “juicy” James performed exceptionally well in the first match, scoring an Average Combat Score (ACS) of 347 with 28 kills. On the other hand, GodSquad’s Ganesh “SkRossi” Gangadhar scored an ACS of 251 with 18 kills.

GodSquad vs BOOM Esports

Following is the map veto of GodSquad vs BOOM Esports:

GodSquad vs BOOM Esports Map Veto

In the second match, GodSquad started as Attackers and showed consistency to build up a lead of four rounds in the first half. The score after the switch was GS 8-4 BOOM. GodSquad maintained consistency in the second half, only losing two rounds. After winning four more rounds, GodSquad won the match with a scoreline of 13-6.

GodSquad vs BOOM Esports Stats

GodSquad’s star player SkRossi caught everyone’s eye with his incredible performance in the second match. He scored an ACS of a whopping 388 with 26 kills. On the other hand, BOOM Esports’ Hildegard “Shiro” Arnaldoscored an ACS of 234 with 17 frags.

Unfortunately, GodSquad has been eliminated from the tournament even after showing such an incredible performance. The team ranks third in Group B, lagging just four points behind Bleed Esports.

Team Heretics and Team Secret will move on to the semifinals from Group A. On the other hand, Paper Rex and Bleed Esports will move on from Group B. GXR will conclude both the semifinals today with a single-elimination bracket and Best-of-3 (Bo3) format. Furthermore, the Grand Final of the tournament is scheduled for tomorrow, i.e., 20th November, which will be played in a Best-of-5 (Bo5) format.

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