Global Esports Teases New ‘Import Player’ That it has Signed

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Global Esports CEO Rushindra Sinha Valorant


Global Esports recently uploaded a video teasing the import player in its roster.
Based on the teaser clips and rumors, the import player is likely former XSet player Jordan “AYRIN” He.
All teams competing in the Valorant International League are expected to announce all the players in its rosters on or before 15th October.

Global Esports became the only South Asian organization to earn a franchise slot in the Valorant International League. After earning the franchise slot, a viewer asked CEO Rushindra Sinha, in a livestream, whether the organization can acquire players from outside its region; he said that all the partnered teams are only allowed to acquire one player from outside of its respective region. He further revealed that the organization is already planning to acquire one player from outside of the Asia Pacific region. Following this, Global Esports uploaded a teaser of its import player on its social media handles.

Global Esports’ import could be former XSet player AYRIN

Global Esports recently uploaded a video teasing the import player in its roster, including multiple short clips of clutches and frags by the player in Valorant. However, it did not reveal the player’s name and the caption gave the player the ‘Player 1’ alias.

The caption of the teaser reads, “On our journey to Valorant Champions Tour, we need many more comrades. Both in the game and outside the game. It’s time for the GE Family to grow a little bigger. Some may call him an “import” for the Pacific region, we call him ‘Player 1.’”

At the end of the video, the player says, “Namaste India. Jald hi milte hain,” which translates to “Greetings India. We’ll meet soon.”

Based on the clips used in the video, the import player for Global Esports could be former XSet player Jordan “AYRIN” He. The clips might be taken from AYRIN’s recent “XSET AYRIN - stage 2 clip dump” video uploaded on YouTube. If the import is AYRIN, Global Esports will formally announce the signing of AYRIN In the upcoming days. Furthermore, 15th October is regarded as the ‘soft lock’ date for teams partnered with Riot Games. As a result, all the teams will have to announce all the members of its rosters before 15th October.

Rushindra Sinha reveals the need for import players

According to Sinha, only the current Global Esports roster is capable of competing against other international teams because, except for its players, South Asian players haven’t had the opportunity to compete against players from the EU, NA, or Korea. In order to put together a roster capable of winning the Champions, he mentioned that the organization requires to bring in more talent, experience, skill, and intelligence.

Sinha said, “South Asian players haven’t got the opportunity to compete against European, North American, and South Korean players. They got three opportunities, but we took all three of them. So, if there is anyone who is ready to take on international teams, it is us because we have been the only ones that have played.” Later, he added, “That being said, I don’t think our players in their current form are ready to take on the best of the best in the world. We need to bring on some additional talent, experience, skill, and brains. We need to add all that and ensure we build a champion roster.”

Global Esports is yet to officially announce the acquisition of the new player.

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