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Global Esports Claims Bollywood Entity Approached It for Sponsorship

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Global Esports’ CEO said it would take three to five years for the Valorant team to be profitable.
The CEO revealed that a lot of sponsors approached Global Esports after the slot list was made public.
MiokeN revealed that someone from Bollywood also approached the organization for sponsorship purposes.

Global Esports’ CEO Rushindra Sinha, and its Content Head Gary “MiokeN” Chiu revealed that an entity from Bollywood was interested in sponsoring the team, after it was selected by Riot Games for the Valorant International League. The duo were speaking about Global Esports’ long-term profitability and sponsors in a livestream. Sinha and MiokeN revealed that the organization received a lot of offers, and surprisingly, someone from Bollywood also approached the organization.

Rushindra Sinha reveals that a lot of brands approached Global Esports for sponsorship

Global Esports is one of the oldest esports organizations in India and has established itself as one of the most successful. The organization has been fairly successful in multiple esports titles, including Valorant, Overwatch, Fortnite, and BGMI. However, given that the Indian esports ecosystem is still developing, it is not yet a profitable organization, at least according to Sinha. In a recent livestream, he revealed how long it would take for Global Esports to be a profitable organization.

A viewer asked Sinha and MiokeN, “How much time would it take Global Esports to break even (be profitable) after getting into the Valorant franchise?” Responding to this, Sinha replied, “In three to five years, we will be profitable; the Valorant team from the franchise.” Following this, MiokeN said that all the money Global Esports makes from the franchise slot will be invested back into the organization. He said, “Anyway, we are going to go in a loss; whatever profit we make in the franchise will go into Global Esports.”

Another viewer asked Sinha and MiokeN about the number of brands that approached the organization for sponsorship after its franchise slot confirmation. Sinha elaborated by stating, “After the slot announcement, once the news was public, and once everyone knew, a lot of brands approached us for sponsorship. I can’t mention it on the stream, but a lot.” Following this, MiokeN revealed that someone from Bollywood also approached Global Esports for sponsorship, but he refrained from revealing anything more. He said, “There are some in Bollywood, and they want us. That is all you will get.”

Global Esports is the only Indian/South Asian team to make it as a franchise team in the Valorant International League. As a result, it might be on the radar of many brands for sponsorship purposes. However, the organization has not revealed any sponsor so far.

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