Global Esports CEO Explains Why Valorant Has a Bright Future


Global Esports CEO Explains Why Valorant Has a Bright Future

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Global Esports’ CEO Rushindra Sinha stated that the future of Valorant Esports is bright.
The CEO stated that Riot Games is dominating the gaming world.
He also explained the reasons behind his statements.

Rushindra Sinha, founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Esports, was recently live on his YouTube channel. During this livestream, the CEO stated that the future of Valorant Esports is bright and explained the reason behind his statement. 

Global Esports is one of the oldest Indian esports organizations. Since its inception, the organization has had rosters in multiple titles, including Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Valorant, and more. Global Esports signed its first Valorant roster in 2020 when Valorant Esports had just begun in India. Since then, it has stuck with the same roster, and recently, it also earned a franchise slot in the Valorant International League.

Global Esports’ CEO states Riot Games is dominating the gaming world

On 8th December, the results for The Game Awards 2022 were unveiled at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. There were five esports categories in total that were recognized for the awards. Interestingly, Riot Games saw huge success at the award ceremony and won multiple awards in different categories. 

Following are all the awards Riot Games won at The Game Awards 2022: 

Best Esports Title of the Year – Valorant

Best Esports Athlete of the Year – Jacob “Yay” Whiteaker (pro Valorant player)

Best Esports Coach of the Year – Matheus “bzkA” Tarasconi (former Valorant coach for LOUD)

Best Esports Event of the Year – 2022 League of Legends World Champions.

Best Adaptation of the Year – Arcane

While chatting with his audience, Sinha stated, “The future of Valorant Esports is very bright.” He added, “The Games Awards 2022, the entire esports section of the award was dominated by Riot Games.” Further elaborating, he said, “Let me frame me in a better way so you can understand. Riot Games, as of right now, is dominating the gaming world. It was present in the entire esports section of The Games Awards (2022).” Following this, he mentioned all the accolades Riot Games’ titles won at the award show. “All of them are Riot Games,” he added. 

On 5th December, Riot Games delivered a second update on their highly anticipated fighting game titled, Project L. Talking about this, Sinha said, “They have also announced and showcased the trailer of Project L, the most kick-ass looking fighting game I have ever seen. It reminded me of my childhood days of Marvel vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken. All of those games put together and mashed up but done right. Because it is Riot. That’s what they do. They get things right. And with esports at focus.”

Sinha commended Riot Games for Project L. “The whole concept of a fighting game being so competitive by its nature is an esports. Then, adding a publisher layer on top ensuring that it does well as a title and promoting it as an esports title. Riot really, really knows how to do it,” said Sinha.

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