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Galaxy Racer Announces Three-Year Partnership with LaLiga

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Galaxy Racer has entered a partnership with Spanish football league, LaLiga to produce a brand-new series.
The series is expected to go on for three seasons with ten episodes scheduled for season one.
The season is currently in pre-production and each episode will showcase a Spanish city of cultural importance.

Dubai-based esports organization, Galaxy Racer (GXR) announced a three-year partnership with Spanish football league, LaLiga. Both entities will be collaborating to create a new original content series that will feature soccer players from LaLiga as well as content creators from Galaxy Racer. The esports organization revealed that the new series will focus on combining global esports, gaming, and lifestyle content to unite football and esports fans. Content creators from GXR will be traveling to Spain to visit major Spanish football clubs. The first season of the new content series is already in pre-production and it is expected to have ten episodes.

What to expect from Galaxy Racer and LaLiga’s partnership?

The upcoming original series will have each episode focusing on a city. Sevilla, Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid are some of the cities that will be covered throughout the episodes. Season one is already in the pre-production stage and three seasons have been planned so far.

Some of the Galaxy Racer content creators who will be heading to Spain as part of the partnership include Abo Flah (24M+ followers, 2B+ views), Naji Elqaq (7M+ followers, 700M+ views), Tukomi (9.1M+ followers), and Kim Rodriguez (9M+ followers).

Maite Ventura, Managing Director, MENA region for LaLiga, revealed in the official press release, “We are excited for this three-year collaboration. We expect to see a lot of positive feedback to this unique activation opening opportunities for us as we are entering a new digital era to connect with the younger generations.

LaLiga is one of the biggest sports leagues in terms of viewership with an audience of over 2.8 billion globally. Soccer is the biggest sport in the world in terms of viewership, with events like the FIFA World Cup garnering over 3.5 billion viewers globally. The partnership between Galaxy Racer and LaLiga can potentially give esports more visibility to fans of traditional sporting events.

There is no official word on when fans can check out the work-in-progress original series. A release date will be announced by Galaxy Racer sometime in the future.

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