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G2 Gent Joins NICKMERCS’s Pro Apex Legends Team ‘Tripods’

Abhimannu Das
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Gent was already filling in for Lewda and now has fully replaced him at Tripods.
Gent will be playing with NICKMERCS and Deeds in the upcoming ALGS events in 2023.
Gent was previously a part of G2 Esports and has competed professionally in the ALGS circuit.

FaZe Clan’s Nicholas “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff is making changes to his competitive Apex Legends roster ‘Tripods.’ The team is letting go of Nathan “Lewda” Lewda in favor of G2’s Rigo “Gent” Padilla. Lewda was a core member of the Tripods roster and was responsible for in-game callouts. However, Lewda was absent in multiple tournaments and Gent was filling his role in the meanwhile.

Tripods might become one of the most popular Apex Legends teams

A lot of fans criticized NICKMERCS for being granted direct entry into the Apex Legends Global Series qualifiers by EA. But a lot of pro players have also supported EA’s decision as it can bring a lot of attention to the game. When NICKMERCS stopped playing Warzone, he moved to Apex Legends and so did a number of Call of Duty creators. It helped boost the growth of the game and Apex’s own updates and steady flow of content have helped the game surpass its player counts every single season for the past year.

NICKMERCS participated in the last chance qualifiers with Tripods earlier this year but he could not make it to the world championship. EA has already invited him for the 2023 circuit and with Gent in his team, Tripods might actually be a team to watch out for.

NICKMERCS is still new to the game when compared to other pro players who have been in the scene for over three years. But despite him coming in so late he has managed to grow as a player very quickly. The content creator has managed to transition his FPS skills from Warzone to Apex Legends and has consistently been at Master and Predator Ranks (top 750) for the past few seasons.

Gent is one of the best players in the world and was one of the top free agents heading into the Apex Legends 2023 season. The third player on the team is “Deeds” who was a lesser-known ranked grinder. He is only 18 and has impressed the community with his skills. He climbed to the top 50 most watched Apex Legends streamers list in August 2022 and has the skills to back up his popularity. With consistently high ranks on the Predator leaderboards, only time will tell if Deeds’ ranked skills carry over into competitive matches.

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