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G2 Esports is Overhauling Its Valorant Roster for 2022

Abhimannu Das
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G2 Esports may be changing two players from its active Valorant roster and a new head coach will be joining the organization.
The team had memorable performances throughout 2021 but it failed to qualify for Valorant Champions at the recent EMEA Last Chance Qualifier.
G2's current head coach Neil ‘neilzinho’ Finlay revealed that the current roster has players with conflicting roles which is making it difficult for the roster to succeed.

The G2 Esports Valorant division will go through significant changes with multiple players along with the head coach being replaced for the 2022 season. G2 Esports had a solid run at the Valorant Champions Tour this year with a semi-final finish at the Stage 3 Masters Berlin event. But the team was inconsistent during the first two stages and it did not have enough circuit points to directly qualify for Valorant Champions.

All hopes of G2 making it into Champions depended on the team’s performance at the EMEA Last Chance Qualifier, but the team could not secure a win and ended the event in third-place. The organization is looking to make major changes to its roster and staff to prepare itself for next year’s Champions Tour. This entails that some fan favorite players will be heading out of the roster.

Three players may be replaced in the current G2 Valorant roster

G2 Esports head coach Neil "neilzinho" Finlay mentioned in a livestream that there are role clashes in the roster and the organization may be going through some major changes. He spoke about how he does not like roster changes but with G2's current roster setup, it can be difficult to assign everyone their desired roles.

He said, “I don’t want to make any more changes. I just want to work with five players who have the same goal and the same motivation, which is to be the best team.” Neil said that he wishes to continue working with the current roster.

French journalist Guillaume "neL" Canelo tweeted on 9th November that Jose Luis "koldamenta" Aranguren Herrero and Wassim "keloqz" Cista are the two players who might be replaced and members of the Giants Gaming roster might be making their way to G2 Esports.

G2 head coach "neilzinho" will step down by the end of 2021

In addition to the roster changes, the team’s head coach will also be stepping down by the end of 2021. He tweeted out earlier today, “My contract expires at the end of December and I will be looking for a new home for 2022.”

G2 Esports put on memorable performances at the Valorant Champions Tour despite not qualifying for Champions. The team defeated Sentinels and proved that the reigning Stage 2 champions are not unbeatable. With the roster and staff changes in place by the start of the 2022 season, the organization will be setting its sights on next year’s Valorant Champions event.

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