Four Members Of Hydra Official Leave The Organization


Four Prominent Members of Hydra Official Leave the Organization

End of a legendary era of online gaming and content creation.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Four popular content creators from Hydra Official - Emperor Plays, Alpha Clasher, Ayush Is Live, Born To Snipe, part ways with the organization.
Dynamo Gaming announced their departure in a serious and emotional livestream session which was broadcasted on 16 February.
The creators have also come forward with individual statements from their side regarding this announcement.

The Indian gaming community has been left shocked and confused, as four prominent members of Hydra Clan have announced their departure from the popular esports organization.

Vipul "Emperor Plays" Agarwal, Pratik "Alpha Clasher" Jogiya, Ayush "Ayush is Live" Shukla, and Prasad "Born to Snipe" Joshi, have announced their departure from Hydra Clan after having served the organization for multiple years.

Aaditya "Dynamo Gaming" D. Sawant - Owner and Founder of Hydra Official, spoke about this decision yesterday on 16th February during a livestream session titled 'Let's Talk & Move On To Spread Love & Positivity'.

Emperor Plays, Alpha Clasher, Ayush is Live, and Born to Snipe have mutually parted way with Hydra Official

During a serious and emotional livestream session, Dynamo Gaming revealed that four popular content creators from Hydra Official were parting ways with the organization, a decision he respected and everyone mutually agreed upon.

"Goodbyes are always hard but some are the hardest. With a very heavy heart I announce the departure of Emperor, Alpha, Ayush, and BTS," said Dynamo, while adding, "Throughout the journey I've always made sure that every clan member feels the same ease as the other members and we all help each other on growing and always keep the synergy between us."

Dynamo Gaming farewell message to Emperor, Alpha Clasher, Ayush, BTS

The individual content creators also came forward with their respective statements on various social media platforms, proving that not everything was sunshine and rainbows following this announcement.

Emperor revealed via his Instagram story that he had received a lot of hatred from the community because "someone splashed stains on our character, loyalty, and work ethic," due to the manner in which things were unfolding he would have to speak up on the situation "with facts and proofs to wash these stains off us."

Statement by Emperor Plays

Alpha Clashers also resonated similar sentiments in a message shared by him via YouTube Community, "My time at Hydra has been a wonderful learning experience, and I am grateful for the opportunities. I know a lot of you guys are waiting and eager to hear my part of story. Honestly, I never ever in my life expected the things that were said to me, my work ethic and my character even after giving my genuine 100% to HYDRA from past 4 years. Hearing all this is heartbreaking."

He did go on to mention that whatever transpired does not change the fact that it was Dynamo Gaming who provided the initial push to him, for which he was thankful.

The future of Hydra Official is up in the air at this point in time with some of the most popular faces parting ways with the organization. More statements are expected from the former Hydra Official content creators in the coming days!

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