Founder of Global Esports Talks About Its Valorant International League Roster

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Rushindra Sinha revealed that Global Esports (GE) will import one player from another region in their Valorant International League roster.
He mentioned that the current GE roster is the best in the SA region, so that they will get the first opportunity in the Valorant League.

On the 22nd of August, Riot Games revealed the list of 30 franchise teams that will be competing in the Valorant International League. Global Esports (GE) was the only Asian/Indian team to have secured a Valorant Franchise spot in this list. Since then, fans have been asking the organization about its roster for the league. In a recent livestream, the founder and CEO of Global Esports, Rushindra Sinha, talked about the organization’s roster plan for the league.

Rushindra Sinha reveals plans for Global Esports’ roster for Valorant International League

When a viewer asked Sinha about their roster composition and whether GE can hire players from outside their region, he said that it can only hire one player from outside of the Pacific region.

Sinha said, “We are allowed to have one player from outside the region. Just one player from outside the region. We can’t have any more than that. But, outside the region of the Pacific, like the Pacific region includes all of Asia and all of Oceania, which is Australia and New Zealand.” Further, he added, “in the playing five, we need to have four players from the Pacific region, which is Korea, Japan, SEA, SA, and all across Oceania. Four players from there (Pacific region) and one import. We don’t need to have one import; one import is the maximum.”

Another viewer asked Sinha whether GE plans to import any player from outside the region, to which he responded that GE is planning to import at least one player to bring knowledge from across the region.

“We are trying to get one import. Our goal is to have at least one import so that we can bring some knowledge here from across the region.” Following this, he added, “if we can keep ten players with one import, then nine players will be the best of the best in Asia. It doesn’t matter whether they are from SA, SEA, or wherever. We want to give the most fighting chance.“

He later mentioned that the current GE roster is the best in the South Asia (SA) region, so that they will get the first opportunity in the Valorant League. Further, he also stated that if GE only picks players from the SA region for its roster, it won’t be a Champions-winning roster.

“We have seen the performance of the current roster in SEA (Southeast Asia). The current roster is the best performing roster in SA, which is why they have the opportunity to be first when it comes to anything we are doing in the League.” said Sinha. Further, he added, “but right now, if we take only players from SA, I don’t think we will be able to build a Champions-winning roster. We need to add players from outside the region; we need to add skill and talent beyond what SA has to the table right now. Purely because SA lacks experience.”

Further, Sinha said South Asian players had not been able to play against players from Europe (EU), North America (NA), and Korea, so the current GE roster is the only team ready to take on international teams. He also mentioned that the organization needs to bring additional talent, experience, skill, and brains to build a Champions-winning roster.

Sinha said, “South Asian players haven’t gotten the opportunity to compete against European, North American, and South Korean players. They got three opportunities, but we took all three of them. So, if there is anyone who is ready to take on international teams, it is us because we have been the only ones that have played.” Later, he added, “That being said, I don’t think our players in their current form are ready to take on the best of the best in the world. We need to bring on some additional talent, experience, skill, and brains. We need to add all that and ensure we build a champion roster.”

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