Fortnite's LEGO Mode Will Introduce Procedurally Generated Maps and New Mechanics

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Fortnite Might Be Looking to Compete With Minecraft According to Leaks</p></div>
Fortnite Might Be Looking to Compete With Minecraft According to Leaks


Fortnite might be looking to compete with Minecraft with its very own LEGO mode.
Players will be able to enjoy procedurally generated worlds with brand-new mechanics.

In a bid to challenge Minecraft's dominance, Fortnite Chapter 5 might delve into procedurally generated worlds. Renowned leaker iFireMonkey suggests that Fortnite might copy Minecraft’s “Realms” feature, which can help create ever-changing worlds. Procedural generation, seen in games like No Man's Sky, involves randomizing elements such as terrain, flora, fauna, and climate, giving players a fresh experience every time.

Fortnite Will Introduce World Seeds With Its LEGO Update

Leaks hint at Epic Games incorporating procedural generation into the LEGO mode, where each LEGO world will be unique. This not only affects the visual aspects but also influences gameplay mechanics like resource distribution, crucial for the crafting mechanics introduced in Fortnite Chapter 5.

While Epic Games has officially revealed taht a LEGO mode is coming to the game, its featured have not been officially revealed yet.

According to leaks, here’s what players can expect:

LEGO-Themed Island: Players can explore a sprawling island filled with LEGO-themed environments, including lush forests, bustling cities, and iconic landmarks.

Building Mechanics: Utilize a unique building system to construct elaborate structures using various LEGO bricks and objects.

Diverse Activities: Engage in a variety of activities, such as solving puzzles, completing quests, and even battling LEGO-themed enemies.

Creative Expression: Unleash your creativity by building your own unique LEGO creations and sharing them with the community.

If applied to the Fortnite Chapter 5 map, the procedural generation could extend beyond the LEGO mode into the Battle Royale mode. While named locations and landmarks may remain constant, minor asset changes could offer a unique experience in every match.

The procedurally generated maps not only add new content but also showcase Unreal Engine’s capabilities that can be leveraged in other games. This could lead to other games also adopting the feature. 

When is Fortnite LEGO mode launching? 

Fortnite’s LEGO mode is expected to be released sometime in December 2023. While Epic Games has officially teased the event, we have not received an official release date just yet. Going by the current Season’s end date, it should release around 4th December 2023.

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