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FNS Joins NRG’s Valorant Roster for VCT 2023

Abhimannu Das
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FNS and former OpTic coach Chet Singh have joined NRG's Valorant division for the 2023 season.
Victor Wong and Austin “Crashies” Roberts from OpTic Gaming are also expected to join.
The new NRG roster will debut in Brazil next year at the Valorant Champions Tour kickoff event.

OpTic Gaming’s coach Chet Singh joined NRG for the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 recently and it looks like Chet is not the only one who is leaving OpTic Gaming. Pujan “FNS” Mehta is coming to NRG for the first time. According to a report by Dot Esports, Victor Wong and Austin “Crashies” Roberts are also expected to join NRG.

Most of OpTic’s former roster gets a second chance

Everyone was shocked after OpTic Gaming did not secure a franchise spot in North America. With multiple OpTic players expected to rejoin FNS at NRG and former OpTic coach Chet Singh managing the team, the pros get a fresh opportunity to compete in the league.

OpTic Gaming made headlines after securing first place at Stage 1 Masters and it performed admirably throughout the year with consistent performances at Copenhagen and Champions 2022. The team finished third at Copenhagen and second at Champions but OpTic failing to secure a spot for 2023 meant that its players would lose out on a massive opportunity. 

With three former OpTic players and Chet set to play together again at NRG, fans have a very strong team to cheer for. It is unknown why exactly OpTic did not secure a spot in the franchised league but Version 1 (V1) player Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro had previously shared his thoughts on the matter. 

Zellsis speculated that the organizational structure at OpTic may not have been suitable for Riot Games. He said, “Riot probably does not want to deal with that. A big brand does not equal a good structure. Exactly. Riot wants good-structured organizations. They want marketing, talent development.”

If the transfer rumors about Victor and Crashies are true this is what the new NRG Valorant roster will look like: 

  • Victor “Victor” Wong

  • Austin “crashies” Roberts 

  • Sam “s0m” Oh

  • Ardis “ardiis” Svareniek

  • Pujan “FNS” Mehta

  • Chet Singh (coach)

Crashies and Victor’s entry into NRG is yet to be officially announced but we can expect NRG to break the news by this week. The new NRG Valorant roster will compete in the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 starting in February 2023 at the kickoff event in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

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