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Filipino Agent Neon is Set to Arrive in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
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Riot Games released an official cinematic trailer that gives us a glimpse into the game's newest agent's abilities.
Neon is a Filipino agent who will be making her way to Valorant on 12th January 2022.
She has the ability to set up walls and discharge electricity from her fingertips.

Riot Games revealed ‘Neon’ as Valorant’s newest agent who will be making her way to the game next week. The publisher released a new cinematic which gives fans a glimpse of the new agent’s kit but it did not reveal any specifics just yet. It looks like agent 18 will be able to blitz past enemies in style and zap them with electric abilities. As we get closer to Neon’s release, Riot Games is likely to release a detailed look at her kit within the next few days.

Neon Cinematic Trailer Overview

The new trailer shows Neon in her room being restless and toying around with her abilities. She has some form of ability that discharges electricity from her fingers and knock out enemies. It is unknown how lethal her ability actually is as Riot Games likes to exaggerate the power level of agents in their cinematic trailers.

Other abilities shown off in the trailer include an electric ball that bounces off walls and deals area-of-effect (AOE) damage. Neon also has the ability to spawn two walls which can potentially offer vision obscurement from both sides.

The new agent will be available with Episode 4 this month and we should also get a detailed look at her kit prior to release. The agent was leaked early via the Prime Gaming website and it immediately brought forth a lot of hype among the fans. Neon will be 2022’s first agent and she is also set to be Valorant’s first Filipino agent.

In addition to Neon, we can also expect a brand new battle pass, skins, limited-time modes, and other new content to be added to Valorant. Episode 4 also marks the start of the Valorant Champions Tour with teams preparing for the second iteration of the global esports event.

Neon Release Date

Neon is expected to release on 12th January 2022. The current Episode 3 Act 3 is ending on 12th January and Episode 4 should commence on the same day.

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