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Every Warzone 2 Player Needs to Know JGOD’s Wicked Cash Trick

Abhimannu Das
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Loadout weapons in Warzone 2 can be purchased for $5,000 each which is not that easy to come by but this money trick has you covered.
JGOD has discovered a way to get all the cash you need in less than two minutes and you need to use the same trick right now.
If you loot cash registers and complete Safecracker contracts you will have all the cash you need in every game.

Warzone 2 revamped its loot system and while the loadout system and buy stations make looting a lot more convenient, finding the cash for them can be frustrating. Customized loadout weapons can be purchased for a whopping $5,000 each which is not that easy to come by but content creator JGOD has come up with a neat little money trick that all Warzone players need to learn. Here’s how you can get all the cash that you need in Warzone 2.0’s Al-Mazrah map in a matter of minutes.

Every Warzone 2 player should take up Safecracker contracts 

If you loot cash registers and complete Safecracker contracts, you can make a lot of money in Warzone 2.0. Safecracker contracts and underground caches are your best bets if you want to buy your preferred weapons as early as possible. 

After JGOD shared his experience with the trick in a recent video, another content creator Nianfo posted a bunch of underground storage cache locations. There are 10 missing caches in the image below as the community continues to search for the remaining cache locations. 

While the map is incomplete, there are plenty of cache locations marked and you should try to remember them all. So how does this trick work? All you need to do is land near these underground caches and loot them to get all the money you need.

If you are wondering how potent the trick is, JGOD was able to get two loadout weapons in under 90 seconds by landing near the airstrip and looting a few underground caches. Most caches drop between $2,000 and $3,500 cash, one primary weapon, a three-plate satchel, lethal/tactical grenades, and scorestreaks.

The problem is this trick is getting very popular and you might find other players trying to get their hands on all the cash they can get as well. You should act fast and take advantage of this neat little trick to get your favorite weapons and dominate on the new Al-Mazrah map.

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