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Esports Charts Shows Viewership Breakdown Trend in January 2022

Abhimannu Das
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2022 is proving to be a great year for esports viewership with the LCK and PUBG Mobile Global Championship raking in millions of views.
With Valorant Champions Tour Challengers and IEM Katowice coming up soon, February and March should be strong months for esports viewership as well.
Apex Legends Global Series also experienced its highest viewership yet and it has the potential to be one of 2022's biggest events.

Esports Charts’ latest viewership breakdown showcases some interesting trends in the world of competitive gaming. PUBG Mobile’s World championship and the League of Legends competitive season have kicked things off with a strong start for 2022.

Indonesia’s absence from PUBG Mobile Global Championship hurt the event’s viewership

Indonesia contributed to over 1 million peak viewers in the previous global championship. With the country being absent from this year’s PUBG Mobile Global Championship, the event experienced a massive dip in viewers. Last year the event recorded 1.4 million peak viewers and it dipped all the way to 646,633 this year.

Esports Viewership in January 2022

League of Legends Championship Korea starts off strong

League of Legends’ esports viewership is as strong as ever with a peak of 759,510 viewers tuning into T1 vs DWG KIA last month. The number is very close to the 802,668 viewers that tuned in for the same matchup last year. Despite the slight dip in peak viewership, the average viewership for the Spring 2022 championship is higher than the previous Summer and Spring Splits.

Esports Viewership in January 2022

Apex Legends makes its presence felt

Apex Legends continues to grow with the game constantly showing signs of its growth. The game has seen over a 400% increase in playerbase on Steam since launch and despite being three years old, players can’t seem to get enough. This has also translated into higher esports viewership this year for the game.

The Apex Legends Global Championship 2022 Split 1 Playoffs NA (North America) recorded a peak viewership of 245,302 from just its English stream. The overall viewership across all languages was over 320,000, which makes it the most watched Apex Legends esports event of all time. With Respawn Entertainment looking to host LAN events this year, the game might become one of 2022's top events in terms of viewership.

Mobile Esports continues to dominate

Mobile esports viewership continues to impress with the Free Fire Pro League India 2021 and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women’s Invitational events raking in over 380,000 viewers each. Both esports titles continue to dominate esports viewership along with PUBG Mobile.

Esports Viewership in January 2022

With the Valorant Champions Tour and CS:GO’s IEM Katowice set to take place soon, 2022 will be a treat for esports fans all over the world. All eyes will be on the FPS titles to see if they can maintain the recent momentum they have gained from 2021’s events.

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