Esports Caster Fyxs Reveals Reason Behind Leaving NODWIN Gaming

A big save for the organization's BGMI team?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Esports Caster Fyxs Explains Why He Left NODWIN Gaming</p></div>
Esports Caster Fyxs Explains Why He Left NODWIN Gaming


Indian esports caster, Fyxs who had worked as a talent with NODWIN Gaming since May 2020 recently took a decision to quit the company.
During a recent livestream Fyxs gave a brief about his grind, time with NODWIN Gaming, and reason behind his departure.
Fyxs also spoke about the mental stress that he went through after putting down his papers.

Just a few days before Krafton announced Battlegrounds Mobile India's (BGMI) imminent return to both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, one of the top esports casters from the country, Amrit "Fyxs" Gourav, had announced his departure from NODWIN Gaming.

During a recent livestream, the 27-year-old explained the reason behind taking this decision of leaving NODWIN Gaming after having dedicated three years of his life working under its banner.

"Trust me guys, you have no idea about the risk that I have taken. It was a huge risk, in a market where BGMI is not there, to go out and pursue my dreams. You have no idea how scared I was and what all people had said to me," said Fyxs about the mental stress that he went through after having left the company.

Fyxs explains why he took the decision to leave NODWIN Gaming

Providing his audience with a brief of his time with the company, Fyxs explained that he had started his casting career with BGMI in 2019 around the month of June or July. He continued grinding for about a year after which NODWIN approached him with an offer in May 2020.

"Three years I gave it my all, even today I am on great terms and relations," said Fyxs about his relationship with the company.

He further opined that BGMI is the only successful title when it comes to esports in India and it is because of this game that at least 70% of people related to esports are able to make a living. This did not affect him much because NODWIN is among those few tournament organizers that host events for other esports titles as well.

However, before starting out with the company he had a three-year target in his mind during which he learned the tricks of the trade as part of NODWIN.

"When PUBG Mobile got banned, it did not affect anyone in NODWIN because they still got new projects. We ventured into Valorant and CS, right now I have no idea how many games I have cast. If I open my CV, it shocks me that within the span of three years, I have done so many events," said Fyxs.

All said and done, he knew that this year he had to leave despite having a good sense about BGMI returning sometime in 2023. So in March, he put down his papers with the aim of exploring himself because on a personal level Fyxs felt like having reached his ceiling working with NODWIN.

"The things for which I wanted to push myself, I was not able to do that. I felt that there was a dip in my quality of cast. I wanted to fight for my spot rather than just being handed it to me. I wanted that kick once again like a new challenge, so I quit," said Fyxs

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Fyxs is one of the top esports casters in the country who has worked on various titles like BGMI, Pokemon Unite, Valorant, and other competitive games. He has not given up on casting, just quit his association with NODWIN Gaming and will be working as a freelancer moving forward.

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