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EQ Cerise Player Caught Cheating During VCT Game Changers

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The Riot Anti-Cheat team detected a player from EQ Cerise cheating in the VCT Game Changers Closed Qualifier North America.
Riot Games has disqualified the accused team from the championship and will investigate the matter further.
The IGL of EQ Cerise, Amber, denied the accusations against her teammate.

The VCT Game Changers Closed Qualifier North America Lower Round 1 match between EQ Cerise and CLG Red concluded earlier today. EQ Cerise defeated CLG Red with a scoreline of 2:1 and were set to advance to the further stage of the tournament. However, a player from EQ Cerise was flagged by Riot Games’ Anti Cheat team for using prohibited third-party cheats during the match. Following this, Riot Games disqualified the accused team from the championship and is currently investigating the matter.

Riot Games disqualifies EQ Cerise for cheating

Riot Games announced the discovery of prohibited software usage and the team’s disqualification right after the match. Following this, it added that EQ had been disqualified from the tournament and CLG Red would advance in the tournament instead of EQ Cerise.

Players from both teams and their fans have been arguing about the topic on Twitter since the announcement. Following the announcement, IGL of EQ Cerise, Amber, claimed that the accusations are false.

In a tweet, Amber stated that she “flat-out” denies the allegations, and the match was extremely close. Following this, she added that the player that was alleged of using a third-party tool was bottom fragging in the match, and it would be awful if the accusations came out to be true. She further stated that EQ Cerise would have won the map anyways.

As mentioned above, Riot Games is investigating the matter further. If the accusations come out to be true, it might impose a permanent ban on the team or the player from VCT Game Changers.

After the disqualification of EQ Cerise, CLG Red will now advance to the Closed Qualifier Lower Round 1, where it will fight against Gen.G Black. The winner of the match will advance to Lower Round 3, whereas the loser will be eliminated from the tournament. Four teams have already qualified for the Main Event, and the remaining four will be decided with the conclusion of VCT Game Changers Closed Qualifiers.

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