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EMEA Champions FunPlus Phoenix Will Not Compete in Valorant Masters One

Abhimannu Das
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FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) will be replaced by Team Liquid at Valorant Masters Reykjavik next month.
Riot Games was unable to arrange visas for the FPX roster due to ongoing travel restrictions and COVID regulations.
Team Liquid was fourth in the EMEA Challengers event which is why the team has been selected to take FPX's place.

Despite winning Valorant Champions Tours’ (VCT) Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Challengers One Playoffs, FunPlus Phoenix will not be able to compete in Valorant Masters One in Reykjavik later this year. The team will not be able to travel to Iceland due to global restrictions as revealed by an official statement from Riot Games. FunPlus will be replaced by Team Liquid in the upcoming event. Liquid will be joining Fnatic and G2 Esports to represent the EMEA region at Masters One next month.

Global travel restrictions are keeping FunPlus out of Masters One

Travel restrictions in Ukraine and Russia, along with the existing COVID-19 regulations, prevented FunPlus Phoenix from keeping its qualification spot for Masters One. Riot Games revealed that its mobility, competitive operations and events teams were working with FunPlus Phoenix to work out a solution so the EMEA champions could participate in Masters Reykjavik.

Riot explored numerous options including extending the roster lock window, relaxing emergency substitute rules and liaising with the relevant government officials to secure visas and travel permissions. But the publisher's efforts went in vain with FunPlus Phoenix not being able to secure visas for the event.

Riot’s official statement revealed that while the publisher wants “to be as accommodating as possible, there is a need to ensure a minimum level of roster continuity out of fairness to all participants in the competition.” Riot congratulated the team for its performance at EMEA challengers and will be evaluating how to recognize Funplus’ achievement with VCT Points and a portion of the prize pool.

With Team Liquid securing fourth place in the recently concluded EMEA Challengers event, it has been granted a qualification spot for Masters Reykjavik as one of the representatives for the EMEA region. This ensures that EMEA rightfully has three teams representing the region in the upcoming event.

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