Dynamo Wants Everyone To Join The GTA V HTRP Server


Dynamo Wants Everyone to Join the GTA V HTRP Server

Moin Khot
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Dynamo said he would contact Kronten soon to invite GodLike Esports to the HTRP Server.
He revealed that everyone is welcome to join the HTRP server, including the fans.

In a recent livestream, Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant was playing Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) on the Hydra Town RolePlay (HTRP) server that Dynamo recently reinstated. During the livestream session, one of his viewers asked why GodLike Esports members hadn’t joined the server yet. Responding to the question, Dynamo said he would contact Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude soon. Following this, he revealed that everyone is welcome to join the HTRP server, and he does not have to invite everyone personally.

Dynamo revealed that even fans can join the HTRP server

Dynamo stated that everyone can play on the HTRP server. He added, “I don’t have to invite everyone to come and join us personally. Everyone can play, and I want everyone to come and play.” Following this, he revealed that he had not been in contact with Kronten for a long time and claimed he would soon contact him to invite him. “The thing about GodLike Esports is that I haven’t talked with Kronten; I would have to talk to him. We haven’t been in contact for a long time. Once I contact him, I will ask everyone to join us.” he said.

“Whenever and wherever you see them live, spam in their comments section and ask them to join and play on the HTRP server,” added Dynamo.

Another viewer asked Dynamo if he could join HTRP as well. Replying to the question, Dynamo revealed that everyone is welcome to join the HTRP server. He said, “You can join HTRP; anyone can join HTRP. If you guys have a little bit of knowledge of what GTA RP is, and if you know the basic rules of the RP, then anyone can join. It is not rocket science.” He added, “It is not like you have to play a top-notch level of RP to join the server. It is all about having fun and chilling and also obeying the basic rules of the RP.”

Dynamo started the first HTRP server around two years ago, where he invited all Hydra members to join along with a few other popular streamers. As many streamers and content creators were involved in the server, it quickly gained massive popularity. However, Dynamo had to shut it down after around a year. Following this, Dynamo also started an HTRP 2.0 server, which was eventually shut down. After a lot of fan demand, Dynamo has reinstated HTRP again and invited a lot of popular content creators, including the creators from popular esports organizations S8UL Esports and GodLike Esports.

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