Dynamo Explains Why He Does Not Want to Operate an Esports Team

He expressed a lot of frustration from his past experiences.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Dynamo Explains Why He Doesn't Want To Operate Esports Team


During a recent livestream, Dynamo explained why he does not want to operate an esports team anymore.
Dynamo spoke about the cost incurred to run an esports team and shared some lessons he has learned from his past.
Dynamo mentioned that he only wants to do things for himself, his parents, and his supporters who come to watch his streams.

One of the biggest gaming streamers and content creators from India, Aaditya "Dynamo" Sawant, during a recent livestream, expressed his views on why he does not want to operate an esports team any longer.

Dynamo first provided an estimate of how much it cost to run a team and then based on instances from his past experience expressed certain frustrations and grievances.

He recalled how certain members who were previously part of Hydra Clan did not step up to help out the organization when it was needed the most. That seemed to be a huge turning point and changed Dynamo's perspective towards managing and operating an esports team.

Dynamo talks about why he does not want to operate and manage an esports team

Two months ago, Dynamo took a couple of crucial decisions which shook the Indian esports community, splitting everyone to believe their respective truths about the situation involving Hydra Clan and Hydra Esports.

During a recent livestream, he spoke about wanting a strong esports lineup but pointed out that the operating cost of such a team would be really high.

"A player would take anywhere between 1.5 to 2 lakhs at least, I think this is how much a normal player would charge as salary. Now, the scene is that I have grown tired of doing all these things alone repeatedly," said Dynamo.

He further explained that it was not possible for him to single-handedly take care of everything from bootcamp, player salaries, and other such responsibilities.

"In the last two to three years, if I had to give a rough estimate of how much has been spent in operational cost, I could have bought a mansion in Delhi with six to seven bedrooms with that much money. Also, yes I count this as a loss because it was a huge amount," explained Dynamo.

I was the only one taking care of the esports team, but then having reached a point I suggested to other members of Hydra Clan that we should all contribute so that our BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) lineup continues to operate, despite the game being banned in the country.

"I told the old (former) members let's do one thing, we all earn money and right now our BGMI players have to send money back home, so let's contribute and pay their salaries. But no one said anything, no one said yes, they all just heard the plea and ignored it," said Dynamo.

At that moment, Dynamo realized the situation, "I have been doing so much to run this team for years, how much more can I do alone?" Despite hearing from his parents about the amount of money that he has wasted, the streamer continued operating the team but everything has a breaking point.

"So this is the reason why I don't want to do anything. I want to focus on myself, I want to do things for myself, do things for my parents, and want to be more entertaining for you guys who come to watch my streams, BGMI or otherwise," states Dynamo.

Note: The related segments starts from 08:02 onwards.

For now, Dynamo has no plans of reviving Hydra Esports but no one can say for sure if he will be able to hold back in case BGMI gets unbanned and returns again.

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