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Dr Disrespect Thinks Warzone is “Depressing” After Returning to the Game

Abhimannu Das
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Dr Disrespect might not be returning to Warzone if the gameplay loop does not change once 2.0 launches later this year.
He feels that the game feels "depressing" and he does not want to try getting back into the game anymore.
He is currently working on releasing his new game 'Deadrop' which is being developed by Midnight Society, a company that he partnered to create.

Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV, aka Dr Disrespect, was streaming Warzone after a break and said that he finds the game depressing at the moment. Despite taking a long break, the streamer was not having fun with the game and has already quit it. He is currently invested into launching his own game ‘Deadrop’, which is being developed by his studio Midnight Society and he has said in the past that his own “vertical battle royale,” set to release later this year, looks better than Modern Warfare II..

Why does Dr Disrespect dislike Warzone?

Dr Disrespect said during his stream, “I don’t know why I even try anymore. This game is so ****ing depressing. I gotta be honest man, this game is such a depression. When I play Call of Duty, I get depressed. That’s not good.”

Millions of players have left Warzone amidst controversies surrounding Activision Blizzard among other problems within the game itself. Call of Duty: Vanguard did not perform as well as expected last year either.

Earlier this year Doc revealed early footage of his upcoming game ‘Deadrop’ and fans are not too happy about what has been revealed so far. The game has already seen a fair bit of controversy with Doc’s ‘Midnight Studio’ choosing to implement non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the game. The game is being marketed as the world’s first vertical extraction shooter and early access is being granted to fans who purchase the $50 USD Founder’s Access Passes.

Despite the criticisms Doc has defended his game and it might prove to be a competitor to Warzone if it manages to tick the right boxes.

Many Call of Duty streamers have voiced out their concerns about the direction of Warzone. FaZe Clan Twitch streamer Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff took a break from Warzone last year and after switching to Apex Legends, does not want to return to the Call of Duty franchise. A lot of other streamers have also abandoned Warzone for now until Warzone 2.0 releases.

Warzone 2.0 is expected to drop sometime after the release of Modern Warfare II and it will be a free update that requires no purchase. A lot of players are looking forward to the new update and Dr Disrespect might make a return to the game if his issues with the game are addressed by Activision. Warzone was Doc’s go-to game when he became a streaming behemoth, and the streamer has fallen out of love with the game over time.

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